Holden secures funds for Libraries, Pasadena Playhouse and Gold Line Extension Gold


Holden secures funds for Libraries, Pasadena Playhouse and Gold Line Extension Gold

On June 28, 2021, the California Legislature passed AB 129 and SB 129, which included local victories sought by Congregation member Chris Holden.

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The law, known as the Budget Trailer Bill, complements the agreement on the state budget for 2021-2022 announced in early June. Wins include $ 4 million for the Pasadena Central Library, $ 1.6 million for the Pasadena Playhouse, $ 1 million for a study of the Gold Line expansion to Hollywood-Burbank Airport, and $ 250,000 for the Altadena Central Library District.

The $ 4 million for the Pasadena Central Library will fund a seismic retrofit study. A recent technical analysis found that the building does not meet earthquake safety standards and will be closed to the public from May 2021.

The $ 1.6 million for the Pasadena Playhouse will fund HVAC upgrades. The improvements will help bring the playhouse back inside after the pandemic.

The $ 1 million for a feasibility study to extend the Los Angeles Metro Gold Line from Pasadena to Hollywood Burbank Airport. An extension would serve as a critical rail-to-airport link for the region.

The $ 250,000 for Altadena Central Library District will support all libraries in the unincorporated area of ​​Altadena, enabling them to make building improvements and meet program and service requirements. The money can also be used to finance a mobile library cart called the Curiosity Connection. This library on wheels offers programming, WiFi access, materials and opportunities for community conversations. The van can “bring it to the people” by being physically present in the diverse neighborhoods of Altadena.

“Today’s victories in the local household will have a direct positive impact on the 41st Congregation District,” said Congregation member Chris Holden. “I am grateful for the support from my colleagues and look forward to bringing more victories to the district I represent and the people I have served.”

The budget brought in other wins that Holden sought, including funding a state school nurse consultant at the Department of Education and funding for developmental disabilities, which will grow to $ 1.2 billion over the next five years.

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