Drive-By Shooting Area South / Linden (one block south / one block west of the Michelle Obama Library, CD 8/9 border)



(Oct 6, 2021, 8:15 a.m., updated 10:10 a.m.) – UPDATE: A drive that shot one block south and one block west of the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library left one wounded last night (Oct. 5) Man left.

Richard Mejia, LBPD’s public information officer, says the victim (a man) was sitting in his vehicle in the South St./Linden Av area when a limousine walked towards him and an unknown suspet shot from the limousine into the vehicle the victim.

[End update] The crime scene is on the border of CD 8 (Austin) and CD 9 (Richardson).

The Guard Commander of the LBPD, Lt. Eric Fernandez said the officers were dispatched around 8:45 p.m. and learned that the victim had been taken to hospital from the shooting of family members.

On September 4th and 5th, gunfire hit a residential building along Block 1400 of E. South St. (east of Orange Ave.) (CD 8/9 border)

On September 7, a man was shot dead in a drive-by shootout in the 300 block on E. South St. (CD 8/9 border).

On September 10th, housings were found in Block 200 of E, 56th St. (CD 8), but no person (s) were found.

At the end of August, the city council voted 8-0 (price missing) to pass a city hall budget for FY 22 in which 48 sworn officers in addition to the roughly 200 from a previous council (including the former field anti-gang unit the LBPD) were withdrawn.

The council’s budget for FY22 is making Long Beach thinner per person Official level as Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Signal Hill city councils take care of their taxpayers. The graphic shows the LB police level before the defusion of 48 additional officers in September 2020.



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