Drag legend Panti Bliss destroys anti-Pride protesters with epic reading


A drag queen Story Time event during Mayo Pride in Ireland was targeted by pathetic anti-LGBTQ+ protesters who tried to disrupt proceedings.

The event took place on Saturday (July 2) after the annual Mayo Pride march in Westport, Ireland. In the Tertulia bookstore, the family story event was organized for young and old.

However, things got chaotic after a group gathered outside with anti-LGBTQ+ banners and signs with slogans such as “Why sexualize children?”

in one Video published on Twitter by legendary Irish drag queen Dr. Panti Bliss-Cabrera seen protesters yelling at participants, with one protester asking if she “has permission to speak to this 15-year-old”. She then replied and said: “I have permission to tell you to fuck yourself.”

Tertulia co-owner Neil Paull narrated The Irish Time about a strange series of phone calls he received ahead of the event, in which a woman called and said, “I understand you are reading pornographic material to young children.”

According to Paul, they received more than 60 calls from people accusing the store of grooming and sexualizing children after a message on social media read: “Please contact this company to confirm that Ireland’s parents are NO longer responsible for this sustained mental and sexual development of children will occur!!”

After the incident, Mayo Pride released a statement on Twitter They said they are “not intimidated” by “far-right hate groups” at Pride.

“At the event itself, protesters engaged in abusive behavior towards LGBTQ+ teenagers, some of whom were in tears,” the statement continued. “We will not be intimidated. We intend to run a full program of events next year.”

A GoFundMe The page has since been created by the organization to help fund next year’s events and “promote inclusivity to ensure LGBTQ+ people can thrive no matter what part of Ireland they live in”.

“Mayo Pride receives no commercial funding and is run entirely by hard-working volunteers,” the site reads. “The harassment we received was scary. More importantly, it should keep us from promoting and building an inclusive society and LGBTQ+ community here in Mayo.”

The site has received nearly 100 donations at the time of writing, reaching €2,305 towards the €10,000 goal. Messages of support from those who donated tell the volunteers, “Stay strong, love is love” and “Hate won’t win”.


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