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CATHERINE LYNETTE GOGGIA 1959 2021 You are invited to celebrate Catherine’s life on Sunday, August 29th, 12: 00-3: 00 p.m., at The Barn at Meriam Park, 1930 Market Place, Chico. “Invoking my spiritual nature brings me closer to the conscious life. Ask for knowledge of the truth and the vertical (spiritual) arm of the cross IGNITES!” Author: Catherine Goggia When you see a hummingbird, stop and feel the presence of our friend and family member Catherine Lynette Goggia, also known as Tinker Bell since childhood; it will always be with us in one form or another. The world was forever changed with her arrival on January 17, 1959 (Paradise), described by her mother as dimpled and wavy brown hair. Our world changed forever with her death on July 15, 2021. Catherine leaves behind her brother William (Skip) Goggia Jr. along with aunts, uncles, cousins ​​and sister-in-law Paula Alcazar. Her greatest joy and admiration goes to her nephew, Will Goggia Jr. (Willie T), who is married to Katie. Catherine was delighted to hear about Will and Katie’s babies. Her family extended to people from all walks of life from childhood friendships that blossomed in paradise, CSU Chico college buddies, notorious book club lovers, work colleagues, Butte college students and clients, and Butte Meadows clan and protectors, where she was 23 years old Had lived for years in the creative heaven, which is nature. “In death she was preceded by her loving parents, who have been married for 50 years and live in paradise all their lives, Carmen Goggia and William Goggia Sr. and their grandparents. Their parents brought up she, to cherish her home, family, animals and friends were always welcome. Her lifelong devotion and harmony with her animal family, her “comfort animals”, was heartwarming and brimming with love for otters, badgers, skunks, snowflowers (the cow, the grazed into her life at Christmas) and her newest best friend and pal Jade, a rescue pup. She was known for leaving snacks and drinks for those hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, and much to the confusion and amusement of many friends, a shot of Jägermeister was their trademark. Those who knew Catherine describe her as happy, caring, lively, motivational, humorist, bird watcher, storyteller, voracious reader, rockhound, camper, gardener, dune buggy and boatman / chauffeur, actress, gun lover, athlete of many sports including softball, basketball , Field hockey and darts and talented artists Visitors to her hut in Butte Meadows were treated to outdoor exhibits such as cedar sculptures and magnificent freestanding Impressionist paintings against the natural backdrop of the glorious meadow behind their property. She described her garden of word-carved ladies as follows: “All of my girls are what people want them to be. Even I don’t get lost in a vision because I like the way they reveal themselves to me, an allusion to a Michelangelo quote: “When the tree disappears, the woman is revealed.” Catherine was a connoisseur of music and musical instruments, especially their ukuleles. Always ready for an adventure and a chance to perform, she was asked to do a sound check on the microphone for a performer at the Outpost Restaurant and Bar on Butte Meadows. During the soundcheck and ukulele she quickly captivated the audience while everyone sang Act Naturally! A graduate of Paradise High School (1977) and CSU Chico, Catherine has completed English and Communication Studies majoring in visual communication and a degree in organizational and business communication ld about her creative mindset and dedicated personality. A colleague lovingly and playfully described Catherine’s positive energy and her infinite ideas as “a hose of water that comes towards her all the time”. An accomplished writer, illustrator and artist who produces her Chico-themed t-shirts and cards under the Goggia Graphics label became known nationwide in a specialist magazine, and the design for the internationally known artist Laurel Burch was a highlight. Her other passions included photography, graphic designer at Enloe Hospital; Training specialist for organizational development at Transfer Flow; Northern California Chapter Guide for Girl Campers; and as a certified training specialist with the Butte College Contract Education Department. Catherine sponsored local workers through Butte College, The Training Place. Her five best employee training programs: Supervisor, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Multitasking for Excellence and author of “LIVE IT”, Mastering Positive Attitude Habits (2016). In 2017, The Training Place launched Catherine’s Webinar Wednesday, a real-time virtual multi-employer learning series that it later expanded to over 500 employees during the 2020 pandemic. Whatever the topic, frontline employees, managers, supervisors and CEOs shared their professional careers and life-changing experiences. Catherine has left a lasting mark on us as an inspiring teacher, trainer, coach, mentor and person of trust. May we all embrace her courageous wisdom to take daily action to be present and grow into “Work SMART. Live HAPPY”! Catherine produced the Relatable Leader podcast (2017-2021) and the YouTube video series,, and authored From Average Student to Academic Rock Star (2015). From their collection of cartoons in the book “Something for Everybody” (1996), a selection was selected by the jury for an exhibition at the Different Light bookstore in New York. She is the co-author and illustrator of the children’s book with Lynn Reyman. When I Think About How I Feel (1989). Catherine’s first published comic (1987) with her colleague John Eagle was praised lovingly by her mother Carmen Goggia: “The book is of course brilliant. A pleasure even after several readings. It is definitely in the genes.” What a blessing to have learned many valuable lessons from Catherine. In her presence you felt like the most important person in her world. Catherine made the transition from serious to funny conversations with ease, where wit and humor would shine. As a stand-alone character, she just loved being the center of attention and blossomed into laughing with others. Catherine had a curious nature; So this part is for the curious who grew up in a family that adored animals, and Catherine’s death came while she rushed to a burning animal shelter to rescue the adorable animals. Or maybe not. As you know, Cath was a compelling storyteller. As she recently told a close friend: “Always make her laugh.” Instead of flowers and in honor of our unique granddaughter, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, aunt, friend known as Tinker-Cathy-Cath-Aunt Cathy-Aunt Goggia-CG-Catherine, her devoted family and friends ask you on their behalf doing an unexpected and unsolicited kindness for someone. Donations to the Paradise Animal Shelter Helpers Organization, PASH., Are welcome A memorial scholarship fund has been established in the Butte College Foundation office to honor deceased faculty and staff

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