Brown County approves resolution to create four-way stop near DemKota


North-South traffic will soon have to stop at the intersection of Brown County Highways 10 and 14W.

This is the freeway junction west of DemKota Ranch Beef which is south of Aberdeen. South Fifth Street in Aberdeen merges with Brown County Highway 10 outside the city limits. Highway 14W is also 135th Street.

Brown County Highway Superintendent Dirk Rogers submitted a resolution to the county commission on Tuesday seeking to upgrade this intersection to a four-way stop. He discussed the plan with the commission in August.

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The resolution is based on changes in traffic patterns at that intersection.

Rogers said a stop sign could only be placed if one of eight criteria was met. In this case, he said, there has been a change in local traffic patterns, with more east-west traffic going to the beef factory but also driving employees to work.

Signs will be installed within the next week, Rogers said after the meeting.

The change is being made with the support of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.

Suggestions for rodeo organizers are sought

In another action, the commissioners agreed to solicit requests for suggestions on how to organize the two-day rodeo at the Brown County Fair.

Fairs manager Rachel Kippley said Sutton Rodeo were offered the third-year contract option but the company declined because they lost money that year.

“They were hoping to do an addendum,” Kippley said.

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After some discussion in the commission as to whether the service provided by Sutton Rodeo falls under professional services or is a contract falling under the tendering requirements, the commissioners agreed to issue a call for proposals. A draft of the RFP will be submitted to the Commission for consideration next week.

In another discussion, Kippley said the Brown County Fair Foundation is raising money to buy a Rainbow Playset for the fairgrounds.

Budget 2023 approved

District commissioners also gave final approval for the 2023 budget on Tuesday. No changes were made.

The 2023 budget includes a 3% pay rise for county employees and a significant increase in the county’s emergency fund.

The emergency fund, set aside for contingencies throughout the year, is often set at $250,000. Next year it will be $750,000. This change was made in anticipation of unbudgeted expenses as development progresses on the new building the county has purchased for a regional jail.


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