Big Rapids Township votes on library renewal in November


Library (pictured) mill revamp.”/>

Residents of the Big Rapids community will vote in the November general election to support the Big Rapids Community Library (pictured) mill revamp.

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BIG RAPIDS TOWNSHIP – Residents of Big Rapids Township will vote in the November general election to support the renewal of the Big Rapids Community Library.

The Millage proposal provides for a six-year extension of the $0.2 million toll to provide approximately $35,500 for library services.

The Board of Trustees approved the inclusion of the extension proposal in the November vote at its meeting last week.

The decision had been made earlier not to put the proposal in the August ballot box because it was believed that the November election would have better turnout and better reflect the wishes of the community’s residents.

“We agreed not to do it on the first vote and do it on the general vote because more people would vote and we would get a better idea of ​​who really wants the Millage library,” said Trustee Tony Geib .

The proposed millage would mean that community residents would pay $0.20 for every $1,000 of the taxable value of their home.

The Township Library Millage was originally approved in 2016, increasing the library’s township funding from 5% to 12% of its total budget.

The library’s Millage-based support provides a more consistent funding stream than depending on local boards to allocate funds from its general fund budget.


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