Biden’s inflation plot and soon-to-be-starving Idaho


Five dozen eggs now cost nearly $20. Last week I saw a post from a guy who works at the Idaho Freedom Foundation. He shared a picture with a count of 60 for almost $16. That was at WinCo. Smith’s costs almost four dollars more. I also noticed a carton of 18 eggs and a pound of butter. Let’s go Brandon!

After I posted my photos on my personal Facebook page, one of the local leaders of Idaho’s fledgling Democratic Party responded, blaming Vladimir Putin. Yes, I saw him sneaking around in the bread aisle too! Provincial liberals receive daily emails from the Democratic National Committee alerting them to the old default Russia, Russia, Russia?

When it comes to inflation, we’re far from over the hill.

If Donald Trump or another Republican were in charge and working with a Republican House and Senate, do you think the opposition would blame Putin? That’s a rhetorical question. Mainstream news media, the DNC’s charitable organization, would top every newscast and be at the top of every page with high price stories. Message: Vote for the Liberals on Election Day!

We see these leftists going insane as they realize the propaganda isn’t working the way it did two years ago. Nobody trusts the silly wimps of the Democratic Party. Check out how they’ve melted together over their monopoly on Twitter over the past few days. In January, Facebook and Google will be under investigation and the monopoly on shameless lies will come to an end.

Nevertheless, inflation will remain. It’s a stubborn enemy and it brings governments down and destroys civilizations. If that happens, then the anarchic liberals have achieved their goal.

Credit Bill Colley.

Credit Bill Colley.

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