You: How many people did Joe kill?


WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 3 of You, which is now streamed on Netflix.

Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) always gets the girl he wants. He’s charming, intelligent, and resourceful – which makes it easier for him to haunt the women he’s obsessed with and trap them in relationships. His determination to be with the objects of his affection led Joe down a dark path as he ruthlessly murdered anyone who stood in his way.

Over the course of the show, Joe killed nearly a dozen people. Here is a detailed list of its victims:

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Benji is locked in Joe's cage in You

Beck’s (Elizabeth Lail) friend Benji (Lou Taylor Pucci) was “anything wrong with America,” according to Joe. Benji was your typical trust fund kid who kept his time busy with start-up projects like dating apps and craft beverages. Jealous of his relationship with Beck, Joe got Benji to meet him by pretending to be interested in his company and invited him to an underground speak-easy that was actually the basement under the bookstore. Just as Benji realized something was wrong, Joe knocked him out and locked him in the book vault. Despite begging Joe for freedom and admitting he was part of a Brotherhood ritual that resulted in the death of a promise, Benji was eventually killed by drinking coffee that contained peanut oil, to which he was allergic.

Peach Salinger

Peach salinger in you

Peach Salinger, portrayed by Shay Mitchell of Little lying beasts Fame, was a wealthy celebrity who went to college with Beck. She immediately liked Joe for his attachment to Beck and wasn’t afraid to show it off. Seeing Peach as a threat to his relationship, Joe hit her on the head with a rock while she was walking in Central Park. To his dismay, Peach survived the attack. Persistently as always, Joe followed Beck and Peach to the Salinger estate in Greenwich and stayed hidden in the house until Beck left. Peach spotted him in the house and threatened him with a gun. Joe managed to snatch the gun from her, however, then shot her, making it look like a suicide.

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Elijah Thornton

Elijah Thornton in you

Not much was known about Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candace (Ambyr Childers), but a number of flashbacks revealed she was a musician. Joe became possessive of her and grew suspicious that she was seeing someone behind his back, particularly a record label rep, who was interested in signing her. This resulted in Joe finding Elijah (Esteban Benito) at a party. When he was alone on a rooftop, Joe confronted Elijah with taking advantage of Candace. Elijah then told Joe that Candace was the one who initiated things between them, claiming that he had no idea Candace was in a relationship. Visibly hurt, Joe let out his anger on Elijah and pushed him off the roof.


Daniel Cosgrove as Ron in You

One of the reasons Joe seemed like a redeemable character (if you can forget he’s a serial killer) was his relationship with Paco (Luca Padovan), a little boy who lived next to him. Joe seemed genuinely to care for Paco and offered him a safe place while his mother Claudia (Victoria Cartagena) was otherwise busy. He was less fond of Paco’s stepfather Ron (Daniel Cosgrove), an abusive ex-parole officer who didn’t like Joe. After numerous arguments with Claudia, including an attack that resulted in her being hospitalized, Paco attacked Ron with a baseball bat and hid from him behind her apartment building. Joe snuck up to Ron and cut his throat, then told Paco to pretend he didn’t know where Ron was.

Guinevere Beck

Guinevere Beck in you

Joe’s obsession with Guinevere Beck was the reason for all of his stalking and killing. Things in their relationship seemed to be going well until Joe’s ex-affair confronted Beck and she warned that he still wasn’t over Candace. This piqued Beck’s curiosity, so she searched for information about Candace’s mysterious disappearance, which resulted in her finding a box of artifacts hidden in Joe’s ceiling, containing Peach and Benji’s cell phones, her own underwear, and some human remains. When Joe found out that Beck knew his secret, he locked her in the book vault. Beck pretended to be grateful for Joe’s deranged behavior and managed to escape and lock him in the vault, but he got out and killed her. Being the resourceful guy he is, Joe filed fake memoirs under Beck’s name, citing their therapist for all of the murders Joe had committed.

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After a confrontation with Candace, Joe left New York for the sunny city of LA, where he kidnapped and stole a hacker named Will Bettelheim (Robin Lord Taylor). Unbeknownst to Joe, Will owed $ 50,000 to a man named Jasper (Steven W. Bailey) who was looking for the money in his apartment. Joe met with Jasper outside of Anavrin, and Jasper removed the tip of Joe’s little finger as leverage. Joe then led Jasper to the storage unit where he kept the real Will in another plexiglass prison and explained that Will was the one who owed him money. Jasper was still trying to attack Joe, but Joe stabbed him and killed him instantly. That death turned out to be the cruellest when Joe cut up Jasper’s body with a meat grinder and then threw the remains in the trash.


Henderson on stage in You

Henderson (Chris D’Elia) was a comedian who sexually abused Joe’s neighbor Delilah (Carmela Zumbado) as a minor. Concerned for Delilah’s younger sister Ellie (Jenna Ortega), Joe broke into Henderson’s house and found a secret room where he kept Polaroids from other underage girls he had molested. Joe later followed Ellie back to Henderson’s house and drugged him after seeing Henderson skewer Ellie’s drink. Joe tied Henderson to a chair and told him to confess his crimes, but Henderson managed to break free and was almost free when Joe threw him down the stairs, causing Henderson to hit his head against a wall and die .

His mother’s partner

Joe and his mother in you

Joe’s troubled childhood is sporadically revealed through flashbacks of his past throughout the show. The emotional abuse by bookstore owner Mr. Mooney explained Joe’s habit of caging people, but it was his relationship with his mother that did the most damage. When Joe was around nine years old, his mother had an abusive relationship with a man who may or may not be his father. In a season two flashback, Joe’s mother showed him that she had hidden a gun in her closet for protection. Later in the episode, Joe saw his mother get hit by her partner, grabbed her gun, and shot the man in the chest. After the shock of death, Joe’s mother kept telling him that he was a good boy who wouldn’t hurt anyone, but she was clearly wrong.

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Ryan Goodwin

Ryan dies in You season 3

Ryan Goodwin (Scott Michael Foster) was a news reporter and the ex-husband of Joe’s newest obsession, Marienne (Tati Gabrielle). Marienne had tried to get custody of her daughter, but Ryan used his fame and connections to convince everyone that Marienne was an addict unable to be a parent. Joe followed his usual pattern of snooping around to thwart Ryan’s plans to go with his and Marienne’s child, but he wasn’t careful enough when Ryan realized that Joe was up to something. In the penultimate episode of season three, Joe followed Ryan into a parking lot with a plan to inject enough drugs to kill him. Ryan defeated him and attacked Joe first, but Joe pushed him off the edge of the building and then impaled him with a knife to finish the job.

Dear Quinn-Goldberg

In season 3 of You, Joe kills Love and Madre escapes Linda

Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) was a perfect match for Joe. She was charming, funny, talented … and had no problem killing anyone who stood in the way of their relationship. After having a baby and moving to the suburbs of Madre Linda, Joe and Love’s relationship became unstable. Joe fell into his usual patterns of obsession with other women, causing Love to behave erratically and attack people who threatened to disturb their peace. After learning of Joe’s relationship with Marienne, Love paralyzed him with verbena and tried to kill him. Always expecting the worst from his wife, Joe had prepared for it by taking adrenaline and getting through the paralysis earlier than expected. He injected Love with enough aconite to kill her, then sent a mass email from her account confessing to murdering her neighbors and faking his own death by burning the house down.

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