“You can’t take it with you. So enjoy life and treat yourself and others if you can,


Áine Ní Bhreisleáin is a radio and television presenter from Gaoth Dobhair in Co Donegal. Since 2019 she has hosted the entertainment show Bladhaire on Raidió na Gaeltachta and co-hosts Beo ar Éigean on RTÉ Radio 1. Now she presents An Cósta Thiar, a new TG4 series exploring life and communities on the west coast of Ireland. The show airs on Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m.

What’s the most important lesson about money you’ve learned from your career in broadcasting?

Start retiring as early as possible and start saving as soon as possible.

What has the Corona crisis taught you about money?

Nothing is certain, so you have something to fall back on. Having a good time is important though, and if that’s buying about 10 books at a time from Kennys Bookshop to get through lockdown, then that’s fine.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about money?

Save a little, spend a little (or more, in my case!).

What is your favorite saying about money as Gaeilge?

“Níl pócaí ar bith ar chulaith an bháis” – meaning “the shroud has no pockets” or “you cannot take it with you”. So enjoy life and, if you can, do something good for yourself and others.

Do you still carry cash?

I carry a little cash for tips at the hairdresser or coffee shop, but I’m definitely a 95 card now. I used to have some coins in the car when going through a toll, but now that’s a card too.

What is the most you would pay for a bottle of wine?

If you are with friends, around €40. If you are at home, between 15 and 20 €.

What’s your favorite Irish coin?

I love the old threesome with the bunny. My friend Siún recently gave me a beautiful gift in the form of a necklace as I love rabbits and the folklore surrounding them.

If you could design your own euro bill, what image would you put on it?

I would pick an Irish mountain (Errigal for sure) or a fox as they are one of my favorite animals.

What was the most expensive country you have ever visited?

America can be expensive depending on taxes and tips.

Your biggest financial mistake?

I didn’t protect my no-claims bonus on auto insurance many moons ago. I was left with a very high premium.

Are you a donor or a saver?

I’m a bit of both, having saved up from my first full-time job. However, I have to say that I love spending money, although I try to spend wisely and buy quality now. I prefer to buy Irish design and art.

The last thing you bought online?

Three boxes of antigen tests.

Would you buy Irish property now?

If I had the money, I would buy an island lot on the west coast. My mother has a beautiful house on the Donegal island of Gabhla, but I would be interested in somewhere in Galway or Kerry that I could put my own stamp on.

If you won the Euromillions what would you do with the money?

Book a luxury vacation in America and then head to a beautiful island resort in the Caribbean with my friends Sinéad and Siún. Then I would like to spend some of it on my family and friends.

Financially, what was the best thing about growing up in Gaoth Dobhair?

The best part was the lower cost of living but the high quality of life. However, the long distances to colleges make a car a necessity.

What three things could you not do without if you tightened your belt?

Books. My Patreon subscription to The Tommy, Hector and Laurita podcast kept me entertained while shooting on the street this year. Quality skin care.


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