Woman prevents strangers from getting into her car at ND Target


A North Dakota woman warns the public of their troubling encounter at Grand Forks Target.

I saw a disturbing one recently Facebook post on a North Dakota woman’s recent finish pick-up run. A woman named Liz Hoffner announced she was parked at a pickup point when she noticed a man approaching her vehicle. Good thing she was careful because she was able to quickly lock her doors before the man tried to get into her vehicle.

Liz’s post said the man then got into his vehicle and walked around the parking lot while her purchases were being loaded into her car. The man then parked next to her and only drove off when Liz took a picture of his license plate. That nerve-wracking event took place at Target in Grand Forks.

Even in North Dakota, you can never be too careful.

You’d love to think that shady things like car theft and kidnapping don’t happen in places like your friendly neighborhood destination, Target. But a person can really never be too careful. Liz Hoffner was just trying to get her purchases in a very busy shop that would certainly have cameras and witnesses. But that didn’t stop some weirdo from breaking into their vehicle.

Ever had a strange encounter with a stranger in North Dakota?

A strange incident happened to me at Target in Minot when I was 13 or 14. My boyfriend and I had just seen the movie. Are we already there? at the Carmike in the mall. When the movie ended, the mall, with the exception of Target, was closed. So my friend and I waited outside of Target for her mom to come and get us.

While we were waiting, a man came over and spoke to us to see what we were up to. I don’t remember exactly what he asked us, but we were sketched out enough to go back to Target and wait. He followed us in and watched us through the double front door until my friend’s mother showed up. He followed us when we got to the car.

Luckily nothing happened that day, but I was always a little irritated that the guy was so interested in talking to us and staring down at us.

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