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Carrollton, Georgia, October 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Larger than life University of West Georgia mascot Wolfie has teamed up with some of his closest colleagues to share his story of origin with UWG’s youngest fans.

The eagerly awaited children’s book ” Wolfie finds his howl“Will be published today at the start of UWG Homecoming Week.

“We hope young readers enjoy this story of Wolfie’s development from a shy puppy to the enthusiastic, charismatic UWG mascot he is today,” said UWG First Lady Dr. Tressa Kellywho inspired the conception of the book and led the project. “However, I hope it inspires you to dream about which college you will go to one day and how that decision will affect the rest of your life.”

Kelly added that 100 percent of the proceeds from the book will be used towards student scholarships at UWG.

“All of the proceeds from ‘Wolfie Finds His Howl’ go straight to the UWG Scholarship Fund so that generations of wolves – maybe even the young readers who enjoy this book – benefit from the educational experiences that the UWG offers,” she said.

The story takes a bizarre look at what happened when young Wolfie was visiting university on a school trip. Through his adventures – and a few student friends he meets along the way – he finds out what it really means to be a wolf.

With beautiful, colorful illustrations, “Wolfie finds his Howling” is the perfect book for introducing children to the campus and at the same time offering familiar sights to more than 73,000 alumni and 13,000 students.

The book is entirely a university product, completed in-house to maximize revenue and nurture the talent of university staff.

“As the daughter of an exceptional educator, I know firsthand the importance of child literacy in our community,” said Kelly. “I am so proud of the team of people who worked on this project to capture the essence of UWG through the eyes of a child and thereby strengthen the feeling of togetherness and bond between all of our stakeholders.”

You can order “Wolfie finds his howl” today in the UWG bookstore. adjustment is also available.

A book release event is included Homecoming and Tailgating event of the UWG Alumni Association on Saturday, October 23, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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Dr. Tressa Kelly and Wolfie!Dr. Tressa Kelly reads “Wolfie finds his howl”

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