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Stoy wins Steuben-Lilly scholarship

ANGOLA – Olivia Stoy has been selected as a Steuben County Lilly Scholar Fellow in 2022.

Community Foundation President and CEO Jennifer Danic and Program Director Jacqui Gentile, as well as various members of Olivia’s family and friends, gathered at Five Lakes Coffee on Wednesday afternoon to surprise them with the news.

Stoy, who thought she was going to meet a friend for coffee after school, burst into tears when she realized what was going on.

“I’m just so excited and I feel like I’m still in shock. I didn’t expect that, ”she says. “I came in here and was just shocked.”

The Lilly Scholarship, which offers a full tuition scholarship and a $ 900 annual utility grant to attend Indiana college, will support Olivia’s goal of going to college to study psychology. Her current top addresses include Butler University and Purdue University.

While Stoy will embark on a new trip soon next year, she will continue to contribute to their home community through Liv It Up, an annual block party that raises money to help families with children suffering from cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Fremont teenagers indicted in gunfight in August

ANGOLA – Steuben County Attorney Jeremy Musser has filed a level 5 negligent homicide charge against a Fremont teenager regarding an August 31st incident in which Caiden Hulliberger, 18, Angola, was killed.

Octavian A. Lensky, 18, shot Hulliberger with a 12-gauge shotgun, according to documents filed with the Steuben Higher Court.

The weapon used in the incident had been bought in a grocery store in Angola about a week earlier. Indiana State Police investigator David Poe said the gun was legally purchased.

The arrest comes after a three month investigation by the Indiana State Police along with the assistance of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office in the shooting.

In interviews with police, Lensky said the shooting was an accident, the gun fell from his hands and was released, the court files say. He later told investigators that he messed with Hulliberger by pointing the gun at him, knowing there was a live round going on in the chamber.

Lensky has scheduled a preliminary hearing on February 28 and a preliminary jury trial on July 28.

The new shop specializes in vegan selections

ANGOLA – Craig and Kristi Collins announced the opening of The Rooted Vegan in Angola to serve people who.

“We started because there is a lack of vegan options in the city. We are vegans ourselves and thought that there had to be other people who are also and have the same problems, but it became so much more than that, ”said Kristi. “There are so many people who have allergies or illnesses or whatever is restricting their diet in so many different ways, and we can even cater to them.

The market helped build an initial clientele among both locals and tourists, who only stayed during the summer months looking for more varied foods in the area.

Kendallville establishes heritage protection commission

KENDALLVILLE – Kendallville City Council voted Tuesday to create a five-person board that will be responsible for managing downtown aesthetics.

That won’t happen in a few months at the earliest, however, as the new board has to meet, set the boundaries for its first historic district – which will almost certainly be built around the city center – and then have that district approved by the city council in front of the Commissioner has the power to create and manage design guidelines.

Once it’s fully operational at some point in the future, the board will have a say in any new build, exterior renovation, or other building changes and suggest best practices to maintain the historic charm of Main Street and the surrounding area.

A commission is a requirement for the PreservINg Main Street Grant, a $ 2 million pilot program for which Kendallville is one of two communities selected for this large grant.

City officials had moved in that direction anyway, hoping to set up a body to help regulate and maintain the historic character of the Main Street corridor.

Kendallville has poured a lot of money downtown over the past few years with both large projects like the streetscape and smaller projects like the many 50/50 facade grants to builders to help them renovate and modernize their buildings.

The five members include a contractor, a downtown building owner, and a former redevelopment committee member Keith Ballard; Stephane Langelier, owner of the downtown building and organizer of the Kendallville Car Show; Kendallville historian and retired editor and president of KPC Media Group, Terry Housholder; Member of Kendallville Restorations Inc. and neighborhood revitalization enthusiast, Jerry Spaw; and former remedial commissioner, former banker and current executive director of the Community Foundation of Noble County Brad Graden.

Fixed fire protection problem

ANGOLA – The city of Angola has accepted a $ 70,000 contract with the Fremont Fire Department for the 2022 Fire Prevention Agreement for Jamestown Township.

The decision comes after Fremont’s initial offer of $ 60,000 in early November sparked budget concerns as Angola had forecast $ 86,000 based on last year’s deal.

“I want to thank Fremont for recognizing the position they have put us in. They took the extra $ 10,000 out of their budget. It didn’t come from the Jamestown ward, ”said Dave Martin, Angola parish councilor. “We thank you for doing this and realizing the problem it was causing.”

Fremont signs a contract with Jamestown Township for fire protection, but since the area is large and can be difficult to navigate due to the lakes, Fremont is sub-contracted with the Angola and Orland fire departments to cover it.

The Fremont Fire Department came up with their initial number of $ 60,000 based on the number of sorties they saw over the past year. After receiving the number, Martin and Mayor Richard Hickman met with the City of Fremont and the Fremont Fire Department to discuss the $ 26,000 cut and the fundamental problems caused by Jamestown’s wage calculations.

Angola received the new offer for a $ 70,000 contract last week, and the Angola Joint Council voted to accept it at Monday evening’s meeting.

Clouse sworn in as a judge at the Superior Court I.

ALBION – Steve Clouse was sworn in as the new judge of Noble County Superior Court I by his predecessor Robert Kirsch on Thursday.

Kirsch announced his resignation earlier this year. Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb selected Clouse to fill the remaining three years of Kirsch’s six-year term.

Clouse, 52, served as the Noble County attorney for 16 years from 1999 to 2014. Since leaving office, he has represented several local communities as a city attorney and has continued a private law firm in Albion.

Clouse is also a former Kendallville City Council representative, whom he served until his resignation in February to focus more on his legal practice.

“It’s a big job,” said Clouse. “It was a big job long before I came here. It will be a challenge. “

For the first time in 27 years as a lawyer, Clouse will not stand up for one side or the other, he will be neutral.

The former Auburn woman’s devotions are contained in two books

AUBURN – Two intercessory and daily devotional books by a former Auburn woman were self-published by her husband.

Rita LePage was born Rita Marie Souder in a farmhouse outside of Auburn. She died on November 23, 2020 at the age of 81.

Her husband, Al LePage, of Plymouth, Michigan, self-published her first book, Reclaiming God’s Promises through Intercession, a few months ago in both print and e-book formats. Her latest book “My Father Hear Me” was published in print in November.

“Rita wrote her first book, ‘Reclaiming God’s Promises through Intercession,’ in 1985,” said LePage.

“At that time I asked Rita if she would like to publish it – there was of course no self-publishing. She didn’t know. She just believed that the Lord led her to write it to help her and her family develop robust and effective prayer lives, ”he said.

Each of the 34 areas of intercession in the book contains numerous prayers, scriptures, and Bible verses.

LePage’s second book, “My Father Hear Me”, is a daily devotion and was compiled from notes and writings that LePage made in notebooks from 2016 onwards.

Both books are available in print from Amazon Kindle and as eBooks from Kidle, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Scribd, and other eBook outlets. LePage said that the proceeds from book sales will go to Miracle of Life Ministries.



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