Wattpad WEBTOON Studios announces three new film / TV adaptations


Wattpad WEBTOON Studios will track screen adaptations from GremoryLand, Unholy Matrimony and I’m a Gay Wizard thanks to its growing development fund.

Following the recent merger of fan-driven juggernauts Wattpad and WEBTOON and the launch of the Wattpad WEBTOON Studios development fund, the newcomer studio has announced three upcoming film and television adaptations – GremoryLand, Unholy marriage and I am a gay wizard.

Watt pads Unholy marriage and I am a gay wizard are both in development as a television series during the horror WEBTOON GremoryLand is ready to hit the big screen. Upcoming Films After Deanna Camerons What happened that night and TL Bodines The dog were the first projects launched after the creation of the Wattpad WEBTOON Studios development fund in May 2020. These three new projects were made possible by a $ 100 million commitment to the fund from the studio’s parent company, Naver, this summer.

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Wattpad WEBTOON Studios’ rapid expansion is an indication of Wattpad and WEBTOON’s ability to attract huge online fan bases in untapped markets. With 166 million fans on both platforms, it’s no surprise that Wattpad and WEBTOON are reaching film and television audiences with their hit stories.

GremoryLand has attracted over 20 million readers to A. Rasen’s winding, eponymous amusement park. The WEBTOON that follows six reunited friends as they face the bespoke horrors that await them GremoryLand, is adapted by screenwriter Gabriel Bergmoser. As an award-winning playwright and novelist, Bergmoser wrote the horror novel The hunted which will shortly receive a screen adaptation.

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An arranged marriage between two opposing vineyard heirs is the focus of @ xxinlove’s Unholy marriage, which was a resounding success with romantic audiences on Wattpad. The story is being adapted for television by screenwriter and producer Alyson Weaver Nicholas, who starred in the Snapchat series for two seasons Two sides.

As with other Wattpad hits, VS’s success is Santonis I am a gay wizard led the Wattpad range to hit bookshelves. Santoni’s story about queer friends Johnny and Allison’s mysterious journey to the Marduk Institute spawned two novels: I am a gay wizard and I’m a gay wizard in the city of the Nightmare King. Price Peters, from The CW’s Vampire diarys’ spin-off Legacies and Paramount’s latest adaptation of Heather, was hired to bring Santoni’s fantasy story to television.

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Wattpad and WEBTOON have already triggered many adjustments, including To, The kissing booth and the one ahead Lore Olymp. However, with the Wattpad WEBTOON Studios Development Fund, these powerful online fandom and readership sites now have their own ways to get screen adaptations of popular stories off the ground.

While the first chapters of Unholy marriage and I am a gay wizard are available free of charge on Wattpad, the following chapters can be purchased or found on bookstore shelves. As for GremoryLand, all 14 episodes can be found and read on WEBTOON.

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