UD and DSU submit budget proposals to the Bond Bill Committee


It’s a higher education day ahead of the Bond Bill Committee in Dover, and the University of Delaware is asking for help to keep its facilities modern and up to date.

On the final day of Bond Bill Committee hearings, UD President Dennis Assanis made the case for the university’s $76.5 million proposal.

It includes $20 million for campus-wide delayed maintenance, $50 for technical facilities, and $6.5 million for the Financial-Technology Hub on the STAR campus.

Funding for technical facilities is intended to help UD compete with major universities in neighboring states.

Assanis points out that Penn State University has received over $300 million from Pennsylvania and Rutgers University has received $400 million from New Jersey over time for their engineering buildings.

He says if Delaware UD can help, it will help keep the kids in the state.

“Delaware needs to make similar investments, and we need to do it quickly to keep Delawareans in the state for both their education and careers. For this reason, we require a one-time capital investment of US$50 million for our technical facilities. ‘ said Assanis.

Assanis notes that the university makes significant investments to drive advances in healthcare, technology, and business to benefit Delaware residents now and in the future.

Delaware State University submits its application for equity funding to the Bond Bill Committee.

DSU wants $3 million for its interdisciplinary rehabilitation research center to be housed in Dover’s old library, $7 million for Alumni Stadium upgrades and $15 million for deferred maintenance.

These deferred maintenance requirements include ADA compliance, fire safety and security, and electrical and mechanical upgrades.

The university also requested $1.2 million for technology upgrades.

“It’s the sum of its parts, so once again we think our $26.2 million claim is important. She continues to propel our growth, aligns with our strategic plan and we believe she will serve not only our university community but the state of Delaware generally,” said DSU President Tony Allen.

Allen notes that federal funding for Dover’s old library and private support for the stadium will help with these projects.


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