Today’s horoscope: 08/22/2022 | Fashion India


See what the stars have in store for your shield

We are not only the creators of our reality. We also play the role of “destroyer” while we are here. They are both pieces of the same puzzle, Cancer, and are an integral part of our evolution here in the physical realm. This week you will be reminded of the power of the end and the power to uproot yourself to create a brand new foundation. We’ve got a clear case of betrayal on the cards, Gemini, the kind that’ll cause you more pain than you expected. Word for the wise: Take your heart out of the given situation. Give yourself permission to see things with a clear vision. This way you will be able to see all the ways in which you have deceived yourself more than anyone else. Virgo, you now clearly see how things have worked out in your favor. How you were protected by the universe, not punished. How you were constantly pushed towards growth. As the Virgo season begins, smile your brightest smile, express gratitude for your present and your past, and face the future with cautious optimism. There’s so much to look forward to and you’re just getting started, Beautiful!

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