This Kobo eBook Reader supports the EPUB format and is just as cheap as the Kindle



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The Kobo Nia has fallen in price in several stores, a model of the e-book reader with a backlit screen and a design pretty similar to the Kindle.

It is clear that Amazon has long dominated the e-book sector, both in terms of selling books in this format and the readers needed to read, although there is no shortage of competition.

One of the companies that stands up to him is Rakuten with his Kobo, which is now and then at its level in terms of price, and is that the Kobo Nia is reduced to just 79.99 euros on Amazon and also in words.

This is undoubtedly one of the best e-book readers of 2021 in terms of value for money as it has a 7-inch screen with lighting that is perfect for sleeping at night. Besides, it has too Compatibility with the epub format, the most popular of all and is absent from the Kindle repertoire.

This e-book reader has a backlit touchscreen, capacity for more than 6,000 books and a battery that can last for weeks on a single charge.

Whether you buy your books from the Rakuten store or simply transfer them to device memory, you can easily read them without the use of tricks or programs of any kind, as is the case with the Kindle.

With its 8 GB storage space, it offers a total of 6,000 books, practically unattainable amount and that guarantees that you never have to delete a document from the memory.

As with practically all devices in this class, it offers several weeks of battery life, depending on usage, so that you don’t have to worry, especially as an avid reader.

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There are some readers that are priced higher and that include certain extras such as a larger screen or an ergonomic design with a “handle” to improve grip, although, as we say, they are typically much more expensive than that Basic models such as the Kobo Nia or the Kindle, which is currently on offer for 75 euros.

When you buy it in Amazon Spain, shipping is free, although it’s much faster if you have an Amazon Prime account. Express delivery is exactly one of Prime’s benefits for subscribers, including those who are in the free trial month.

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