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Midtown Cinema announced a change in leadership this week.

When summer turns into autumn, changing leaves and temperatures are just around the corner. Many of this week’s stories are also about change, be it perspective, leadership, or development in Harrisburg. Read all of our reports listed and linked below.

Bob’s art blog highlights two art exhibitions in Harrisburg with spiritual themes. St. Stephen’s Riverfront Gallery is showing “De-Colonizing Christ” and artist Kelly Curran’s exhibition entitled “Purify” is on view at Millworks.

Charlie DeBrunner, Harrisburg’s controller, said the city should end the year with enough money in the bank to pay off its accumulated debt, our report found. When he appeared before the city council this week, he told council members that his office has a fund balance of $ 34 million by year-end, which could be enough to pay off the city’s bonds, he said.

The Foundation for the Improvement of Communities is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year by welcoming multiple local scholarship winners to Harrisburg to musically demonstrate how well they have spent the money. They’ll be giving a free concert this month, our magazine story reported.

“The hand that holds the pen” is a piece that puts the spotlight on Jacob Shallus, who wrote the original US Constitution. Our magazine article tells the story of how Mechanicsburg playwright Cindy Rock Dlugolecki found out she was related to Shallus and decided to tell his story.

The Harrisburg Book Festival will return this year with personal and virtual activities, our online story reported. From October 6-10, the Midtown Scholar Bookstore is hosting discounted book sales and virtual authoring events.

Developer in the Harrisburg area proposed a five story mixed use building for downtown Harrisburg, our online story reported. This would require the demolition of two derelict structures now at 512-514N. 2nd NS.

Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse declared this week that he is running for the general election in November, our online story reported. He stated that he chose to run for a third term despite losing the Democratic primary in May based on his track record of running the budget and rebuilding the capacity of city government.

Harrisburg City Council has passed a resolution that will begin updating the city’s decades-old IT system, our reporting revealed. Texas-based Tyler Technologies will introduce a new computer system over the next two years.

Homes for Sale in the Harrisburg Area decreased slightly in August, but prices rose significantly, our reporting showed. Sales fell to 810 units, compared to 866 last year, but the average selling price rose 9.3% to $ 235,000, according to the Greater Harrisburg Association of Realtors (GHAR).

Midtown cinema has a new oversight as former director Adam Porter has stepped down to focus on his company, StartUp Harrisburg, our reporting revealed. Porter will be replaced by Open Stage Theater’s Rachel Landon as General Manager and Stacey Werner as Assistant Manager.

Gallery Nyeusi opened in Midtown Harrisburg last weekend. Our magazine article tells the story behind the gallery that wants to showcase black art.

Otto Banks, has been appointed as the new director of economic development by Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse, our online story reported. Banks, a former US Department of Housing and Urban Development official, was running for the Democratic nomination for mayor in the Papenfuse primaries.

Sara Bozich released their Weekend Roundup, which is full of fall activities for those ready for the cooler season to come.

Sprocket mural works recently completed a pocket park on Patrick Alley in Midtown Harrisburg. Our magazine story outlines this unique project that included a bright, floral mural with an environmental message behind it.

Wanda Williams, Harrisburg’s Democratic candidate for mayor and city council president, announced this week that she is preparing her campaign for the election, our online story reported. Williams said she would resume her campaign until “the end of the month” after a period of mourning for her mother.

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