The sheriff’s office has had mixed reactions to the property clean-up



The Washoe County Board of Commissioners today heard an update from staff at the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office about the illegal landfill cleanup in Sun Valley.

Trash and abandoned vehicles at 320 Quartz Lane have caused the sheriff’s office to attempt to clean up the property. However, since the property is private, WCSO staff said their efforts had been hindered.

“We couldn’t find a solution because of the private ownership issue,” said Chief Deputy Greg Herrera. “We’re going to send a team to knock on the doors of the church out there to make sure they know the processes. It doesn’t work without the community. “

He said local residents who report illegal dumping would help. The property has been a nuisance for years. Trash on the property even shows up on Google Earth satellite imagery.

“It’s as bad as being told,” Herrera said.

Quartz Lane dumping. WCSO Assistant Deputy Greg Herrera said there were people living in some of the RVs on the property. Screen shot of the Washoe County Commission meeting.

“Do we need to adjust the harassment code?” Asked County Commissioner Vaughn Hartung.

“Absolutely,” replied Herrera, adding that it was difficult to track owners of abandoned vehicles. “I would like to see a little more teeth in codes.”

Hartung said waste management makes a lot of money from the region and should be part of the solution.

“It’s expensive to go to Lockwood … and there” [are] many reasons why this is happening, ”added Hartung.

Herrera said the inmates would be cleaning up the property this week.

Clean-up work criticized for using prisoner labor

The WCSO has advertised on social media for further cleaning up of the cycle path tunnels of the Veterans Parkway. The accumulated rubbish, the WCSO Facebook post said, prompted the WCSO’s homeless outreach team to clean up the area.

Garbage in a Veterans Parkway bicycle tunnel.  Image: WCSO.
Garbage in a Veterans Parkway bicycle tunnel. Image: WCSO.

“Members of [team] have been working for weeks with the unprotected parishioners who have been living in these tunnels for months, ”says the article from WCSO.

Prisoners helped clean up. Not everyone was happy about that.

“Can the prisoners whom you thank below for ‘manually moving massive amounts of rubbish’ refuse this assignment, or do you thank them for their hard labor?” Athar Haseebullah, Executive Director of ACLU Nevada, posted online in response.

The WCSO contribution indicated that those who lived in the tunnels had received housing allowances.

“Great commitment from everyone!” WCSO tweeted.

More commission news

Provided by Washoe County

Board approves library grant to purchase a mobile book

The Washoe County Library System received a $ 75,000 grant from the Federal 2021 Library Services and Technology Act through the American Recovery Act of the state of Nevada to purchase a book cart. This will allow the library to expand and improve library outreach services in different parts of Washoe County. A book mobile brings library services to underserved communities, particularly rural areas, and home-bound seniors or those who do not have access to transportation. Grant funds will also help the library reach residents through internet hotspots, accessible Wi-Fi, and digital content.

Animal Services Receives Emergency Vehicle Grant

Washoe County’s Regional Animal Services received a $ 15,000 grant from the Dave and Cheryl Duffield Foundation to be used to rescue animals during the forest fire season. The grant will be used to purchase an emergency animal trailer that is self-contained and temperature controlled to house up to 43 animals and material for forest fire evacuation.

Commissioners approve offer to replace detention beds

WCSO will commission Simerson Construction to replace bunk beds in two residential units and the infirmary of the county detention center. Simerson was the only contractor to submit a bid on this project that was $ 27,000 below the project’s estimated budget of $ 571,707.

The WCSO has been replacing aging bunks over the past few decades and has 477 wooden bunks in need of replacement.

National apprentice week recognized

Commissioner Alexis Hill read out a proclamation declaring this week November 15th to 21st as National Apprenticeship Week. In Nevada, more than 5,000 actively registered apprentices are being trained in high-quality construction trades. Apprenticeships offer an affordable route to well-paying careers that involve historically marginalized people.



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