The planned $ 84 million budget for the city project includes the rebuilding of La Crosse Street and South Ave | Government and politics



That price includes $ 3,425,000 to build a new # 4 fire station, a project that has been postponed from 2021 due to historical concerns. No immediate plans for the station’s future have been announced yet, with some proponents hoping the existing 1940 building will not be demolished.

The project was swapped with the renovation of fire station No. 2, which will now be tackled this year. Officials hope to build a new station near West Avenue and La Crosse Street near the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse campus.

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The park budget is $ 2,315,000 for Phase Two of the Green Island Tennis Complex Project, $ 500,000 for Myrick Park Playground Equipment, $ 200,000 for Hiking Trails and Bluffland, and $ 200,000 for Carroll Improvement , Copeland, Hass, Red Cloud, Lueth, Bluffview included Parks and others.

The city is proposing $ 2.5 million for its public market project next year. Officials hope to establish a waterfront public market north of downtown near the Oktoberfest site and south of the River Point District development.

It also includes $ 75,000 to redesign the main hall of the main branch library and $ 500,000 for a project in the Riverside Park fish hatchery building that used to house the La Crosse County Historical Society museum. The city guides have indicated that they hope to achieve profitable development of the building, such as a café.



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