The number one ice cream shop in Monmouth County


This is a bold statement. My family has done more research on ice cream eating than the doctor recommends, that’s for sure, and we’ve found something special. Now of course you have a nostalgic ice rink (we have them all) This is part of your childhood, I understand that. We also have the “trend ice cream” treats (Do you remember Dippin ‘Dots?!?! Ewww) …But this new find is everything … I’m talking high quality ice cream, freshly baked cookies, and toppings of your choice to make CUSTOM ice cream sandwiches the size of your face. We have come to a very serious conclusion in my family. The best ice cream parlor is in Monmouth County … have you been here?!?!?

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This is without a doubt the number one ice cream parlor in Monmouth County, New Jersey

We all have connections with our childhood ice cream parlor. Because of this, they are always loved, but that doesn’t mean there is no room for something new, especially when it’s THAT good! Introducing you to the BEST ice cream in Monmouth County!

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