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The new romantic comedy Marry me offers fans a perfect Valentine’s Day treat. It stars Jennifer Lopez as a pop star who spontaneously marries an ordinary man (Owen Wilson) at one of her concerts. It’s a fun mix of oddball romance and fish-out-of-water comedy with lots of laughs and heart.

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But if fans are still looking for a rom-com that hits those same notes, there are plenty of other great ones to choose from. From classics of the genre to some potentially overlooked gems that viewers have had fun with Marry me should check them next.

10 The Proposal (2009)

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal.

While Kat (Lopez) and Charlie (Wilson) are good people, the relationship begins with a little lie to everyone else. After a spontaneous moment at their concert, these two try to sell their romance to the world without really committing themselves and knowing that it won’t last.

This is a similar setup for the rom-com The application with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Bullock plays a pushy boss who forces her assistant (Reynolds) to pose as her fiancé in order to get a green card.

9 Win a Date with Tad Hamilton (2004)

Josh Duhamel and Topher Grace win a date with Tad Hamilton!

Along with the great romantic story of Marry me is a classic movie love triangle. As Charlie grows closer to Kat and their relationship really starts to take off, he has to deal with her ex, who also happens to be an international pop star.

There’s a similar dynamic in rom-com Win a date with Tad Hamilton. Topher Grace plays a small town man who is secretly in love with his boyfriend. But when she wins a date with a famous actor, Grace sees his chances with her in jeopardy.


8th Fools Storm In (1997)

Fools Storm In (1997)

The rapid escalation of Kat and Charlie’s relationship makes for an entertaining start to the film. These two get married in front of the world before they even get to know each other and then have to fill in the blanks.

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Fools rush in is another hit rom-com about a relationship that develops incredibly quickly and the couple then has to actually get to know each other. Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek play two characters whose one-night stand leads to pregnancy and a marriage proposal while trying to make a new life as virtual strangers.

7 Maids in Manhattan (2002)

Ralph Fiennes and Jennifer Lopez star in Ralph Fiennes (Maid In Manhattan)

Jennifer Lopez is certainly no stranger to romantic comedy and has many popular contributions to the genre. One of her most popular films is Maids in Manhattan This is an interesting reversal of her role in Marry me.

Lopez plays a luxury hotel employee who is mistaken for a celebrity by a wealthy politician, which leads to a romance. This is another story where Lopez brings a lot of charm to the role and has surprisingly good chemistry with co-star Ralph Fiennes.

6 Pretty Woman (1990)

Edward and Vivian are sitting on a couch in Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is one of the most popular romantic comedies of all time and has since influenced many films in the genre. Marry me even refers directly to the film in an early scene, but it’s also easy to see similarities in the two films.

This is another story of two people from very different social classes forming a fake romance before it grows into something real. Richard Gere plays a businessman who hires a prostitute (Julia Roberts) as his date for various events just to fall in love with her.

5 America’s Sweetheart (2001)

John Cusack confronts Julia Roberts while Catherine Zeta Jones watches in America's Sweethearts

Marry me begins when a celebrity relationship, the subject of media fascination, suddenly falls apart. From there, Kat tries to find a more meaningful romance with someone who isn’t in show business.

The setup is similar to another Julia Roberts romantic comedy America’s sweetheart. John Cusack plays a Hollywood actor whose movie star wife cheats on him in the midst of a critically acclaimed movie together. While dealing with the breakup, he falls in love with his ex’s assistant.

4 Actually Love (2003)

Hugh Grant cheers onstage during Love Actually

love actually is a holiday season favorite as it tells several stories about romance surrounding Christmas. One of the best storylines involves a similar relationship between a public figure and an average person.

Hugh Grant plays the newly elected Prime Minister who quickly falls in love with a new aide working for him. With Grant’s charm as the rom-com lead, the romance comes across as pretty sweet.

3 What Happens in Vegas (2008)

As with many rom-coms, viewers will have to suppress disbelief to enjoy them Marry me. The initial premise hinges on these two people impulsively agreeing to get married in front of the whole world, which is far-fetched but sets the story in motion.

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What Happens in Vegas is a similarly ludicrous premise that sees the two main characters pushed together. Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz play two people who get married drunk in Las Vegas and are ordered by a judge to live as a couple for a limited time before ending the marriage.

2 The American President (1995)

A big part of the fun Marry me comes from the struggles of making this romance a reality in public. Kat and Charlie have to deal with talk shows joking about their relationship, paparazzi following them all the time and everything they do is being questioned.

This is also examined in The American President. Written by Academy Award winner Aaron Sorkin, Michael Douglas plays the widowed President of the United States who begins a new relationship with a political reporter.

1 Notting Hill (1999)

William Thacker meets Anna Scott in the bookshop in Notting Hill

Since Julia Roberts is one of the biggest stars in the rom-com genre, it’s not surprising that so many of her films can be seen as an influence on other films Marry me. and notting hill is another charming story about an everyman who falls in love with a celebrity.

Hugh Grant plays a mild-mannered small bookshop owner who happens to meet one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, played by Julia Roberts. Then he has to deal with his feelings for her and the fear of being thrown into the limelight.

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