Terrifying and bizarre attack on “tree branches” in the west of Seneca



Assault and assault are very serious crimes that a person can commit. There’s a reason the police take these incidents so seriously because of the potential for bodily harm. However, this story of the attack is even more bizarre and terrifying.

West Seneca Police says that a man was arrested last Saturday afternoon after a truly horrific and bizarre incident.

It took place on East & West Road in West Seneca. A jogger ran past a man who turned out to be 19-year-old Ryan J. Strunk, and then Strunk began to yell derogatory comments at the jogger, completely unprovoked.

The victim wanted to leave, but Strunk pursued her and picked up a large branch and began to hit her with it. Strunk hit the victim with the branch over 20 times while chasing her, screaming in the process.

The victim ran into an occupied DDSO complex security vehicle and was able to go inside and together they called 911.

Strunk did not stop, however; he hopped on the hood of the car. When the police arrived, they were forced to stun him with a taser after he refused to go down the hood and hit the windshield. Strunk resisted arrest and attempted to grab the West Seneca police officer’s pistol. An off duty officer then saw what was going on and helped handcuff and arrest Strunk.

The list of fees is long.

Strunk was charged with second degree assault with intent to harm; Second degree assault with the intention of injuring a police officer; fourth degree criminal mischief with damage to a state vehicle; Third degree threat and resistance to arrest. He is held on a $ 25,000 bond and is undergoing a mental examination.

The victim is fine, but suffered bruises and pain from the attack.

I have no words for this incident. Few stories of an arrest are as bizarre as this, and it is terrifying that it was completely unprovoked …

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