We are a self-managed and self-managed real estate investment trust (REIT). We own, operate, and develop Prefabricated Homes (MH) and RVs in the Midwest, South, and Southeastern United States. Through Safe Harbor, we own, operate, develop and manage marina properties in the Northeast, South, Central Atlantic, western and midwestern United States, with most of these marinas in coastal regions and others in various inland regions. We are a fully integrated real estate company that, along with our affiliates and predecessors, has acquired, operated, developed and expanded MH and RV communities since 1975 and marina real estate since 2020. As of December 31, 2020, We owned and operated or had an interest in a portfolio of 552 properties, which we refer to as properties, located in 39 states in the United States and one province in Canada, including 276 MH communities, 136 RV -Communities, 34 properties, both MH. included and RV parks and 106 marinas. As of December 31, 2020, the properties contained around 96,700 developed MH locations, around 27,600 annual mobile home spaces (including annual and seasonal usage rights), around 25,100 temporary mobile home spaces and around 38,900 wet slip and dry storage spaces. We rent individual plots or plots with supply access for the placement of prefabricated houses and mobile homes to our MH and RV customers. The MH and RV properties are designed to provide affordable housing for individuals and families while also providing certain amenities. Safe Harbor’s offerings to its members include wet slip rental, dry storage, End to end Service (such as routine maintenance, repairs and winter storage), fuel sales and others high-quality Amenities. These services and amenities provide Safe Harbor members with convenience and resort-quality vacation experiences.

We are through SHS, a taxable REIT subsidiary, with the marketing, sale and rental of new and second hand Housing for current and future residents of our communities. The operation of SHS supports and improves our occupancy rate, property performance and cash flow.

Structured as an Umbrella Partnership REIT or UPREIT, the Operating Partnership is the entity through which we conduct essentially all of our business and which owns all of our assets, either directly or indirectly through SHS, Safe Harbor and other subsidiaries. This UPREIT structure allows us to meet certain complex requirements under US federal tax rules and regulations applicable to REITs and to acquire MH and RV communities and marinas in transactions that postpone some or all of the sellers ?? tax consequences. We are the sole general partner of the Operating Partnership and held around 94% of the shares in the Operating Partnership as of December 31, 2020. The shares held by the partners in the operating partnership are referred to here as OP units.

Headquarters and website

We were incorporated in Maryland on July 23, 1993 and completed our common stock listing on December 9, 1993. Our main administrative office is located at 27777 Franklin Road, Suite 200, Southfield, Michigan and our telephone number is 48034 (248) 208-2500. To the our MH and RV businesses have regional real estate management offices in Austin, Texas; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Denver, Colorado; Ft. Myers, Florida; and Orlando, Florida. Safe Harbor is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. As of December 31, 2020, we employed a total of 4,872 full-time and part-time employees (including seasonal workers).

Our website address is, which contains information about us and our subsidiaries. Information contained or referenced on our website or otherwise accessible through our website is not incorporated by reference or otherwise part of this Prospectus or any accompanying supplement to the Prospectus.



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