Richard M. Born’s new book, The Bizarre Events at Hellman Elementary, offers a nightmarish read of the strange things that continue to haunt Hellman Elementary


Richard M. Born, a writer who was raised in Tennessee as a foster parent, has completed his new book, The Bizarre Events at Hellman Elementary: a compelling story that follows Jacob as he experiences the perils of wishing on Jeffrey’s Comet. Jacob grants his wish and wakes up in a whole new world where the people and things he used to hate have now changed. Is a dream coming true for him? Or the other way around? What nightmare awaits him?

Born says, “Have you ever looked up at the sky to see a shooting star? In Golfing Blue you can look up at the sky and see the blue streak of light from Jeffrey’s comet every fifty years. For the students at Hellman Elementary, that can only mean one thing – more bizarre events! It’s next to nothing compared to Jeffrey’s comet and whoever rides it to take on the school’s teachers.

“Strange things are happening at Hellman Elementary this week. Changes occur, teachers are just as weird, and the janitor locks the doors more often than normal. What could possibly be hiding in the basement? What does the lunch lady really do? the Sloppy Joes Does it have something to do with a comet shooting across the sky?

“Jacob is about to discover the dangers of wishing for shooting stars. He is tired of being the only boy in his family and tired of how his sisters treat him. But when he wishes for another family, he finds out how strange things can happen not only at home but also at school. Will Jacob get his original family back or will he be destined to live with his new nightmarish family?

“Don’t miss the next bizarre event, The Perfect Match—Book 5 in the series.”

Richard M. Born’s gripping novel, published by Page Publishing, is a dark and suspenseful fiction that follows a supernatural journey starring Jacob, who is about to face the life he has longed for. And it doesn’t end there! Because strange things continue to unravel at his school. Is he prepared?

Readers who wish to experience this gripping work can do so to buy “The Bizarre Events at Hellman Elementary” in bookstores everywhere or online in the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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