Review: Kobo increases e-book reader offer with expensive Elipsa bundle



And you need that, because for me the only real black mark the Elipsa has against it is weight. It’s no surprise given the size, but it’s definitely not a device that you can hold in one hand for long periods of time.

Fortunately, I’m usually so tired before bed that my reading is limited to under 30 minutes these days. In the past, when I read an entire book in one night, this could have caused problems. If you read a lot, this is one to keep in mind.

The corrugated cover also means that if you put the Kobo on a flat surface like a desk, you can create an angle that makes writing more natural when you want to take notes.

The high price of this device will also be an issue for many.

The judgment

Despite my initial aversion to the blanket and concerns about its weight, I quickly fell in love with the Kobo Elipsa.

I’m not quite ready to buy another ebook reader just yet as both my Kindle and the slightly older Kobo work just fine – but when I do it will no doubt be one of these.

The addition of the digital notebook to the always great reading functionality picks up on this device and all the thoughts I had about buying the more expensive single-function reMarkable 2 are banished.

Likewise, the new iPad Pro is great at so much – but typing on its screen still doesn’t feel right to me and I don’t particularly enjoy using it to read books just before bed, so the Elipsa fits my needs Perfect.



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