Onyx Boox Nova Air C compared to the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition


The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is the 11th generation Kindle model. This device has a huge 6.8 inch display and runs on Linux. It unlocks one of the largest and most expansive digital bookstores in the world. How does this e-reader compare to the Onyx Boox Nova Air C running Android 11 and Kaleido Plus, the latest generation E INK color e-paper? In this comparison, we look at how the Kindle Android app compares to the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition on a color e-reader. You’ll get a feel for the performance and know which device is best for your needs.

That Paperwhite Signature Edition has an E INK Carta 1200 touchscreen display with a resolution of 1236 and 1648 and 300 PPI. The screen is fully flush with the bezel and protected by a layer of glass. One of the nice things about the body is that the bezels on each side and top of the device have been slimmed down. There are some tremendous benefits of the new Carta scoreboards such as: B. a performance increase of 20%, and this directly enabled Amazon to develop the new animated page turning system. There is support for E INK Regal technology for image updates. Regal virtually eliminates the need for a full refresh, providing viewers with smoother viewing transitions. The Paperwhite features 17 white and amber LED lights for a front-lit display and color temperature system. The settings can be optimized manually or adjusted automatically via the ambient light sensor.

Under the hood is an MT8113 SOC 1GHZ processor, 512MB RAM and 32GB internal storage. You can connect it to your MAC or PC via a brand new USB-C connector. This device also features Bluetooth 5, which allows you to connect a pair of wireless headphones or an external speaker and listen to Audible audiobooks. Amazon has offered audiobook purchases on the Kindle for years, but it’s only available in select markets like Japan, the UK, and the United States. Canadians are unlucky. The battery life is said to be around 10 weeks, Amazon has not announced the mAh. This e-reader runs Linux, which is very stable. The dimensions are 174 x 125 x 8.1 mm and weigh 208 g.

That Onyx Boox Nova Air color features a 7.8-inch color filter array E INK Carta HD and E INK Kaleido Plus with on-cell touch technology. What is On Cell? This is the brand new e-paper module announced last year. It integrates touch directly into the e-paper – making the display clearer for the end user. This new technology dramatically increases the performance of black and white displays by 30% and increases the contrast ratio, giving the reader clearer and more defined text. When used with E Ink Kaleido Plus, color contrast ratio and color saturation increase by 40% and 15% respectively, providing improved viewing for color e-books and digital textbooks. Basically, the Nova Air C is the first product to use On-Cell Touch.

The resolution on the black and white display is 1404×1872 at 300 PPI and the color resolution is 468×624 at 100 PPI. The screen sits flush with the bezel and is protected by a flat AG glass cover. The bezels are nice and slim on the side profile, but slightly larger at the top and bottom. There are 36 white and amber LED lights, so a front-lit display AND a color temperature system. Users can adjust the color darkness, vividness and brightness to achieve desired effects. The two-tone front lights in refreshing white and cozy yellow make the 4,096 colors more pleasantly visible in any environment.

Onyx uses a WACOM screen on his tablet. It comes with their groundbreaking note-taking app that has over 16 different colors and shades for freehand drawing, taking notes, or simply editing PDF files. It comes with the Boox Pen Plus stylus, which has 4,096 degrees of pressure sensitivity.

Under the hood is a Snapdragon 662 octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. You can connect to the internet via WIFI and thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, it supports wireless headphones or an external speaker for audiobooks, music, podcasts and more. If headphones aren’t your thing, there are two stereo speakers on the bottom that have amazing sound. There’s a USB-C port, which is useful for charging the e-reader to your PC or MAC, or even to a wall charger. It’s powered by a 2000mAh battery, which should be enough for a couple of weeks of regular use. It runs Android 11 and has full access to the Google Play Store. The dimensions are 194×136.5×6.3 mm and weighs 235g.

One of the great advantages of the Onyx Boox Nova Air C is that it is a color e-paper reader. Your entire home screen is filled with colorful cover art to aid in navigating and clicking on a specific title. The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition only has a black and white screen, so you only get different shades of gray along with black and white images.

To read Kindle books, the Nova Air C uses the Amazon Kindle Android app, available from the Google Play Store. This app doesn’t have as many ads on the main home screen as the Kindle Signature Edition. Both have a similar interface at the bottom of the screen, e.g. B. a home button, a large outline of the book you are reading, and the library. The app is a bit smoother in my opinion, it has links to visit the store and the More menu where all the important settings like Goodreads are. I think the Android app is a bit better at the moment as Amazon keeps changing the Kindle e-reader UI, so it’s basically a work in progress. Navigating the library and shop is faster on the Onyx, you also have different speed modes to drastically increase performance and have a bit of image degradation.

The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is better suited for certain types of content, such as B. Files with many black and white images, such as e.g. B. digital manga. Manga page turning speed is also slightly faster on the Kindle. On a regular e-book, the Kindle displays pure black and white text better. This is because Amazon has invested heavily in crisp resolution. Page turning speed is also faster in a standard book. The Onyx has the benefit of more settings and customization. It can make color highlights. The Onyx displays color PDF files better than the Kindle because it has a better processor and more RAM, so all aspects of PDF files are faster. The Kindle is slow and sluggish. When it comes to audiobooks, TTS or Voice View, the Onyx performs better as it has 2 speakers so you don’t have to rely on Bluetooth headphones to listen to content. The Kindle Signature requires Bluetooth to listen to content.

Amazon App vs. Amazon eReader, that’s what this comparison is all about. I’m not really going to talk about the fact that the Onyx Nova Air C basically has a lot more features such as: B. the ability to do business with other ecosystems as it has full access to Google Play. It has a WACOM screen so you can draw freehand with the stylus, take notes or edit PDF files and do it all in color. Which device is best for Kindle content only? The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is the clear winner, text looks crisp and page turning is faster. This is due to the limitations of color E-INK technology as it uses a color filter array that is always on. So when you’re reading pure black and white text, sometimes it doesn’t look as clear as the Kindle. The Onyx navigates the Kindle and Audible stores better as you can really get a lot of value through the cover art. PDF files are much better on the Onyx. The Nova Air is more expensive than the Kindle. It retails for $419.99 and comes with a free case and stylus. That Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition retails for around $189.99.

So who is the winner of this comparison? The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition excels at reading e-books with black and white text. This is usually the type of content that the vast majority of people read on a daily basis. While for anything with color, like comics, manga, webtoons, the onyx is the best.


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