No joke – Snopes has big plans for 2022


Today, we celebrate the 1.4 – also known as April Fools’ Day, a time when pranks, pranks and playfully made-up messages abound. Appropriately, this public holiday follows immediately International Fact Check Day on April 2nd, a day dedicated to getting the facts straight and protecting the general public from misinformation or fake news.

However, both holidays highlight the importance of Snopes and our work for different reasons. We’re taking this opportunity to share our plans for the rest of 2022 and how we intend to improve and expand what we offer our followers.

In a mid-election year and in the midst of conflict in Ukraine, our fact-checking mission is vital. We debunk rumors on a daily basis – and while some of the false claims we uncover are jokes, others are a matter of life and death. People regularly visit our website, sign up for our newsletters, become paying membersand Shower us with inquiries and news tips. We feel very needed and valued.

In 2022, we see opportunities to expand our reach, unleash our creativity, and offer you new ways to interact with our content and people. As part of our commitment to transparency, we want to share these plans with you – and we intend to report back to you on a regular basis to keep you informed of our progress. We will also continue to provide updates on the ongoing litigation Snopes has had since 2017, our fundraiserand the status of our legal fund.

This is what we have planned for the coming year:

  • Expand reporting —Our reporting is at the heart of what we do and we continue to invest in our newsroom. We’ve recently expanded our political coverage with the launch of the OnTheIssues (OTI) newsletter, and our dive team is hard at work on several investigative projects that you’ll hear more about soon.
  • Revise our archive — One of the things that makes Snopes special is that it serves as a rich collection of rumor and folklore. We strive to update our search, site navigation, and content (or as we call them in business, industries) archives so you can get the most out of our archives.
  • Launch a mobile app – Ask and you will get. For years, our readers have been asking for a Snopes app that they can access from the home screen of their mobile devices. We figured out how to do that, and you’ll soon be able to access Snopes as an app.
  • Facts for your ears — We will harness the power of audio to deliver some of our content in the form of audio articles, perfect for on the go.
  • become interactive —Although we take the truth seriously, we still like to have fun. You can expect to see more quizzes, crosswords, and other fun ways to test your knowledge. Don’t be surprised if they become your latest obsession!
  • Build common spaces – Snopes readers have something in common – an appreciation for fact-based journalism and our steadfast pursuit of truth. Soon we’ll be inviting you to join new community rooms where you can discuss articles and connect with each other.
  • Open a bookstore — We understand that there is an interest in purchasing Snopes items to support our mission. That’s why our online bookstore allows you to support Team Snopes and local bookstores while you fill your personal library or find the perfect gift.

These are some of the most important and urgent updates we’re looking forward to. We plan to report back to you when we complete this effort. Please register with us Mailing list for news and updates so you don’t miss anything. Most importantly, we need you become a member to help bring these initiatives to fruition – perhaps even sooner than planned.

We can’t wait to share our progress with you over the coming year!


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