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TR PHOTOS BY ROBERT MAHARRY – Staging 2 Sell It and Pentz Appliance and TV (pictured) are two of the 11 buildings in the downtown area benefiting from a $ 500,000 grant from the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) to restore historic facades will.

Marshalltown Central Business District executive Deb Millizer got tears in her eyes when she heard the news on Wednesday that the city had received a $ 500,000 downtown revitalization grant from the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

“This community has been through so much” She said. “I keep telling people that we are on the cusp of some really great things coming downtown … if the church understands what’s going on, the church will have hope.”

Millizer wasn’t the only local officer jumping for joy after the announcement. Mayor Joel Greer and Councilor Jessica Kinser were equally delighted with the prospect of restoring the facades of several downtown landmarks. Companies like Staging 2 Sell It, Pentz Appliance, Marshall Tobacco and Vape Outlet, the Stepping Stones Christian Bookstore and Smokin ‘G’s are being returned to their classic looks.

“I’m always pleasantly surprised when we get such scholarships, but not as surprised as I would be if we didn’t have really good teams to apply for the scholarships.” said Greer. “I want to do the happy dance for downtown because it means so much to these people.”

The MCBD worked with Region 6 Resource Partners and RDG Planning and Design for about a year to prepare for the grant application. With funds from property owners, the Community Foundation of Marshall County, the Rebuild Marshalltown Fund and the City of Marshalltown, the total project value is estimated at approximately $ 1.25 million.

“This is huge,” said Kinser. “That definitely fits the master plan in the city center to restore our facades.”

Now that the work has been officially put out to tender, construction should begin sometime in 2022 and be completed by 2024. As those involved in the funding process put it, the future in Marshalltown looks incredibly bright.

“We have been here for four years. On the 10th anniversary of the tornado, I think this city will burst. “ said Greer.


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