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MARSHALL – The city of Marshall will consider increasing its levy by 6% or less in 2022. At their September 14 meeting, Marshall City Council members approved a provisional levy of approximately $ 7.68 million. That’s an increase of about $ 435,000, or 6%, from 2021.

“After that, it can no longer be collected. It can be lowered “, Mayor Bob Byrnes said of the fixing of the provisional levy. The city will set a final budget and levy in December. A public hearing on the proposed levy has been scheduled for December 14th at 6pm.

Marshall City Administrator Sharon Hanson said the budget and levy are for 2022 “in progress” for urban employees. At a working meeting in August, the option of increasing the levy by 10% was brought forward. After consultation with the city council “There was consensus to prefer a 6% levy” said Hanson.

“If we were to expect a 6% increase, you would expect an increase of $ 28 (tax) for an average home of $ 150.00.” said Hanson. For a $ 250,000 commercial property, the increase would be $ 94, she said.

In addition to discussing the levy, Hanson addressed some of the highlights of the city’s draft budget at the September 14 meeting. There are still some unknowns in the budget, she said. For example, by October 1, the city would know more about its employee health insurance plans. “That has a big impact on our budget” said Hanson.

Another part of the budget that went through adjustments was the city’s proposed funding for the Marshall-Lyon County Library. In recent years, the city and county of Lyon have contributed two-thirds to one-third of the library’s funding. However, after the Lyon County Board asked MLCL to cut its funding request by around $ 373,000, the city also considered a lower budget for the library. The city wanted to make sure it was still contributing in the same two-thirds to one-third ratio as before, Hanson said.

Council members voted to set the city’s provisional levy at 6% and schedule a public hearing for December 14th.

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