It’s a family affair: Fireside Bookshop opens in Stroud



A NEW independent bookstore has opened in Stroud.

Fireside Bookshop is located in Rowcroft and opened earlier this month.

It is a family business founded by veteran booksellers Rob and Barb Sheppard, who recently moved to Stroud to join their daughter Martha and husband Ben and son Jed.

Rob and Barb have been in the business for over four decades and Martha and Ben are now part of the team.

Rob said, “Although online book retailing has grown in popularity in recent years, the family still considers buying and selling books in person to be an integral part of their business and essential to their enjoyment of trading.

“Despite an extensive and growing online presence, one focus of the business has always been the curation and presentation of shelves with high-quality, interesting books on a wide variety of topics as well as fiction, plays and poetry.

“With over 20,000 books listed online, we work hard to make sure there is always an appealing and fresh selection in the store itself.

“It’s important to everyone at Fireside that the store feels warm and inviting, and is well organized at the same time.

“There’s a lot of personal touch and work by independent artists, lots of people commenting on how Fireside feels like a perfect antidote to the impersonal world of online shopping or corporate chains.”

In addition to selling books, the team is always interested in buying high quality books on interesting topics. From a handful of books to entire collections.

Over the years the team has organized many literary and music events and is keen to get involved in the vibrant local arts scene.

With their backgrounds in music, literature and arts sponsorship, production and community work, Ben and Martha are particularly interested in meeting other members of the


“We’ve been delighted to meet a lot of different people who are doing exciting things in Stroud since it opened a few weeks ago,” said Barb.

“Being independent, original and part of a community has always been important to the family and was one of the things that brought us to Stroud over the years.

“We look forward to joining Stroud’s excellent independent retail business and meeting their fantastic new community.”

Opening times: Wednesday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., but these will soon be extended.



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