Hugs and handshakes are making a comeback, are you doing it right?


If you’ve had an interview before, you know that shaking hands is very important. But we’re all a little out of practice after the pandemic. Shake hands and hug friends, we have a little refresher course for you as people get back to work and see more people. Here we go with steps for the perfect handshake.

I always have hand sanitizer with me now, but if you don’t have wipes for your hands make sure you wipe them off first. My only problem with that is when I see someone wiping their hands on their shirts or pants, I think that’s better than nothing. Nobody wants to shake a clammy hand.

Be the kind, try to be the one to initiate the handshake. It shows that you are confident to see them.

Sorry left handed, use your right hand, most of the world is right handed.

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Smile and make eye contact. Shaking someone’s hand without looking at them is just weird, but looking them in the eye while they are shaking hands is a sign of confidence, which is especially good when you go to an interview.

Two to three pumps are good. Don’t shake wildly. In addition to just two or three shakes, make sure your shakes don’t involve too much exercise. If the other person has to move their entire arm up and down just to keep up with you, you are doing too much. Anything beyond that feels uncomfortable. And make it a pretty strong handshake. Don’t break their fingers, but don’t leave their wrists slack either.

PS. Always ask the person if it’s okay to hug them.

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