Hijacked massage parlor in south Fort Myers under investigation, landlord review




Natural Oil Spa on McGregor Blvd. has been monitored for some time. The business of once promising “calming” massages is now at the center of an investigation.

Lee County detectives spent hours there Tuesday pulling out boxes of evidence.

After packing, the same detectives drove straight to a house in Cape Coral to do some more searches.

The house on SW 21st Avenue, just south of Veterans Parkway, is owned by a spa owner.

David Kaplan, the owner of Mystical Bookshop, said it wasn’t the first time law enforcement officers have been seen outside of the spa. “We have seen a lot of police activity in the past three months.”

Because in July MPs arrested a woman who worked as a prostitute in the health resort.

Since that arrest, the landlord has told WINK News that he had tried to evict the owner of Natural Oil Spa.

WINK News has learned that the registered leaseholder of Natural Oil Spa also owns Lavender Oil Spa. This massage parlor was the center of a further investigation in 2019, during which MPs arrested an employee of this spa for prostitution.

People who work near the Natural Oil Spa said that even without law enforcement activity, they felt like something was wrong.

“We cross the path with our dog Merlin here in the meadow and there were women who were dressed quite provocatively and who went in and out of something like that in the back,” said Kaplan.

Tariq Castillo, the owner of Salon Levo, said: “I find it unfortunate to know that this could happen especially right under our noses, we never expect it.”

The sheriff’s office won’t say what the latest investigation into this business is about.

A report said MPs received a tip about the spa a month ago and the Victims Special Unit has started an investigation.



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