HC allows women to terminate a pregnancy beyond 24 weeks due to an abnormal fetus

The Delhi Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed a woman to terminate her more than 24-week pregnancy after the Medical Association reported that the fetus was suffering from significant abnormalities.

Judge Prathiba M. Singh noted when passing the order that the medical report also stated that there was a risk to the woman during the termination of the pregnancy because she was a heart patient and she was being administered blood thinners.

Judge Singh also spoke to the woman’s husband prior to granting permission to see if he understood the risks involved in the trial.

The court then approved the woman’s medical abortion.

The woman had postponed court in the last week of March to terminate her pregnancy after her medical exam found the fetus to be suffering from facial bleeding and hydrocephalus.

The court then appointed a medical committee of doctors from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences to examine them and submit a report on the expediency of the abortion.

The board in its report said the procedure posed a risk to the mother because she was a heart patient, but recommended an abortion because the fetus suffered from significant abnormalities.


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