Google One users with 100GB+ plan get $5 play credit


Yesterday, a longtime Twitter follower named “E.” (@Stoked4Good) drew our attention to something exciting. A $5 Google Play Store credit reward was available to redeem in their Google One account!


The user states that they are currently subscribed to the Google One and Drive 100GB storage plan for $1.99 per month. I’m assuming that anyone who pays for a higher tier than this will also get the Play Credits reward, but everyone who has since reported that they too have subscribed to the base tier as well.

Five bucks doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but when it comes to digital purchases like apps, in-app purchases, games, movies, books, and audiobooks — especially with constant discounts and promotions, it can take you quite a bit . I suggest investing in your continued growth by getting a cheap eBook or taking the night off with a movie rental. Go ahead, you deserve it!

You could also do like E. and save the money to use on your next Stadia purchase — honestly, it’s up to you. My only advice would be to keep an eye on your Google One rewards dashboard and Gmail inbox in case you’re next in line to claim that little reward.

I’ve noticed that Google One has been pretty bad at keeping up with handing out rewards to its loyal subscribers in the past, and thought about writing a reflection on what it’s been offering so far to see if it was really worth it. Despite all the other benefits you get with One, I still find it an invaluable investment in my digital life. When those little gifts come along, I just pick them up and move on.

I hope Google sweetens the deal with one-reward benefits in the future. It’s given away free Google Home Mini devices in the past, but if we’re being honest that was only because it had a surplus of them to ditch. Anyway, One Reward benefits need an overhaul, and since this new five-dollar benefit has come out, it gives me hope that the company has remembered that they existed, and that maybe in the future should do better.


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