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TUCSON (KVOA) – A Tucson Unified School District employee was charged Wednesday by the Arizona Attorney General’s office on fraud-related allegations.

According to the Arizona Auditor General’s Office, Rosa Maria Ordonez was charged after an investigation found she allegedly misappropriated $ 2,974 between July and August 2018 while serving as the finance manager of the Pueblo High School bookstore.

In the position of finance manager, Ordonez was responsible for “collecting and depositing funds related to the payment of tickets for sporting events, yearbooks, parking permits and tuition fees”. She was also not entrusted with “the cash to change at school sports events and in the bookstore”.

According to the Auditor General, the investigation began after Ordonez failed to report for work in August 2018 and district officials noted that “the receipts received at Pueblo High School had not been transferred to a district account.”

While the district accepted Ordonez’s resignation on September 20, 2018, submitted by a family member, TUSD was unable to locate receipts or $ 1,000 in change that were in Ordonez’s care.

Upon investigation, the Auditor General alleges that Ordonez may have embezzled $ 2,974 in district funds. Additionally, Ordonez reportedly failed to submit 15 Pueblo High School check receipts totaling $ 3,309.

According to the General Prosecutor’s Office, Ordonez has been charged on two counts of theft and a criminal breach of the duties and obligations of the public money manager.

Ordonez began the position of finance manager of the Pueblo High School bookstore in 2003.

To read the Auditor General’s full report, visit To view the indictment, Click here.

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