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In July, a sign reading “Save the Library” hangs in the window of the Castle Rock Library.

Courtney Talak

CASTLE ROCK – The Castle Rock Library donation has still not been approved in roughly the city’s sixth attempt to fund the donation-run facility in three years.

On Thursday, the levy did not meet the two benchmarks required for enforcement. Voters are about one percentage point below the 60% yes-vote threshold required for this type of “handover”. An additional 107 or so Castle Rock ballots are also required to confirm the election.

The Cowlitz County Election Bureau says the county will have a total of 4,000 more ballots to be counted, and the next round of votes will be released on Friday. The election will be confirmed on November 23.

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F.Former library director Vicki Selander said Wednesday she was feeling “numb” from recent attempts to fund the facility. She said that despite the result, she would meet with the city guides to make a plan for the library.


The library runs entirely on donations and volunteers as the facility has used up its savings since the last levy was last collected in 2018, Selander said. She said she retired in 2020 after two decades with the organization to remove her salary and benefits from the library’s budget and continue to work at the facility for free.

If the move were approved, the move would cost city residents about $ 75 for a $ 250,000 home in 2022 to fund the library for a year. Voters were asked to approve a levy of $ 0.30 per $ 1,000 of estimated property value in 2022, which is $ 0.20 less than previous levies approved from 2010 to 2018, according to the county’s electoral archives .



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