Elpidio Ismael Lopez Rodriguez ‘new book “Dulces Recuerdos De Mi Patria” is a heartwarming account of a man’s love for his homeland.



Rodriguez shares: “When I left Havana In order to live up to my calling to be Abraham’s son, I was able to see the city with its enigmatic stone walls with different eyes. A look into the past with nostalgia, but at the same time a look of love, like when a gardener cuts the most beautiful rose or gives a flower a name. I wished, under a different sky, every night I felt the longing for the nine o’clock cannon to look at my watch. As the sunsets lengthened in the distance and the dark clouds heralded great storms, I felt a thousand times the need to see the light of the lighthouse of Morro again. When everything looked like I was swallowing the agony of life and its sorrows, I thought it was the sad end of my days, I found the friendly hands of María and León. Not only did my aunt find my representatives, but in them I also found the family that God had taken from me. Then I learned that orphans are only left if they can no longer send two pesetas for those who are there. At that moment the sky opened and with the most authentic drops of dew, Leon’s friendship began; a little later I had yours and you were my dark hand and both made it possible for my son, who was born in the middle of nostalgia, to see the light today. “

Published by Seitenverlag, Elpidio Ismael Lopez Rodriguez passionate representation of Havana shows that a city is more than just a place for one person. It is a home, a place that will always stay in your heart, no matter where life takes you in the future and no matter how far your wings take you.

Readers who want to experience this captivating work can buy “Dulces Recuerdos De Mi Patria” anywhere in bookstores or online from the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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