Easton R. Lawrence’s new book, Four Bible Themes, brings an important discourse on biblical subjects, leading believers to seek truth and understand God’s purposes


Easton R. Lawrence, a retired schoolteacher, has completed his new book, Four Bible Themes: a profound work dealing with the four biblical themes, offering readers the true meaning of blessing, its origin, and its nature as God’s reward and tokens of human gratitude.

Lawrence relates, “Between the early years of elementary school and Sunday school, I learned about Noah and the Ark, David and Goliath, Zacchaeus on the Plane Tree, etc. These stories stayed with me and shaped my adult years. The knowledge I have of these stories is a benefit of the theology behind them, which takes them out of the realm of myth and fiction. This book shows the seeker deeper meanings of Bible themes such as grace. To ponder another meaning of God’s undeserved favor and blessing. This book is not to be read as an academic work, nor as a pulpit, but as a tool to kindle a candle and urge the reader to engage in the study and understanding of Scripture. To help the reader find the truth to refine and define four biblical themes: grace, faith, wisdom and blessing as presented in the book.”

Easton R. Lawrence’s manuscript, published by Page Publishing, contains an exposition of Bible doctrine and provides examples of Almighty Father’s blessings. This draws the reader to delve deeper and understand Scripture to seek the truth.

Readers who wish to experience this impactful work can do so to buy “Four Bible Subjects” in bookstores everywhere or online in the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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