Diversity & inclusion at ABA



Declaration on diversity

For more than a century, the American Bookseller Association (ABA) has helped independent bookstores bring together writers and readers, foster open exchange, enrich the cultural life of communities, and build economically vibrant neighborhoods.

ABA exists to help member bookstores grow and thrive, and we are working to do so in a way that is committed to white supremacy, anti-racism, representation and justice. We believe that listening to many different perspectives and empowering underrepresented voices will deepen our understanding and enrich everyone’s experience. We stand up for justice, dignity and diversity for all peoples.

ABA will:

  • Implement best practices to ensure a more diverse attitude and more opportunities for advancement in leadership and decision-making positions at all levels of the organization for a diverse workforce

  • Make sure ABA policies and procedures are anti-racist, create opportunity for all, and show your support for marginalized peoples

  • Support various colleagues, members and employees

  • Working closely with ABA’s Diversity, Justice and Inclusion Council, which is a member bookseller, to be aware of the concerns of a diverse group of booksellers and bookstore owners and to use the council’s insights and feedback to enhance ABA’s programs and services to improve and better serve marginalized groups

  • Require representation of BIPOC, queer, disabled and other marginalized authors and books at all ABA events (at least 40% of speakers / panelists total)

  • Meet up year-round as a staff member to discuss topics and learn about topics related to anti-racism, anti-discrimination, micro-aggression and helping the under-represented peoples.

  • Affirm the core values ​​of mutual respect, listening, empathy, and empowered participation

  • Actively work with publishers and authors to create a more representative book industry where all voices are heard

indigenous icon

Country recognition

As we gather for events, ABA recognizes that here in the United States we live on traditional indigenous land, past and present. As a thank you, ABA makes a donation to the American Indian College Fund before each event to honor the indigenous peoples who have always lived and worked in the countryside and to show our appreciation.



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