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On this week’s news, we saw the news that Coinbase had launched a crypto savings account. In addition, new insights into subscription changes and open banking were gained. The weekender is here to catch up with you.


Coinbase’s new stablecoin account could bring in 50 times more than traditional savings accounts

News came this week that digital currency exchange Coinbase has launched a digital currency savings account that pays 4 percent interest (percentage annual return) in exchange for the ability to borrow the USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin.

Venmo is increasing P2P fees to bill for goods and service providers

With the new Venmo rules, users who receive payments intended for goods and services will be charged a 1.9 percent transaction fee in addition to 10 cents.

The launch of PayPal Zettle in the US brings ‘Commerce In Box’ to SMBs

PayPal announced the launch of PayPal Zettle, a digital point-of-sale (POS) solution for small businesses in the United States.

Payoneer sees a “growing universe” of networked opportunities after the SPAC listing valued at $ 3 billion

Payoneer started trading on Nasdaq this week after the merger of the Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) with FTAC Olympus Acquisition Corp. has been completed and is now starting her new life as Payoneer Global Inc.

The creative destruction of banking: entitlement or ultimatum?

The economic principle of replacing existing business processes and models with innovative and more efficient ones is nothing new. It has become a burning issue in banking recently as bank customers and competition accelerated the need for such a mindset.

Tracker and reports

46 C-suite executives on the irreversible rise of digital transformation

Nearly three dozen chief executives, C-suite executives, and senior corporate executives spoke to PYMNTS for its Q2 eBook about what the world will be like if the recovery continues and the next version of the normal hits.

NEW DATES: Promotions Boost Subscription Conversions by 25 Pct

PYMNTS research has uncovered three key strategies that companies can use to attract more curious individuals, with cross-promotion being one of the most important.

Wells Fargo Develops Open Banking Solutions to Help Merchants Personalize Payments

Leveraging application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable retailers, banks and other relevant parties to share money and information between them can help achieve the seamlessness and speed customers have come to expect.

PYMNTS explores why the use of APIs and related open banking technologies can enable retailers to meet changing consumer expectations.

Fun, cool, and otherwise interesting

Dating app Bumble creates a physical touchpoint with a new branded restaurant

The dating app Bumble will open its first coffee shop and wine bar, Bumble Brew, in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City in late July.

Underbanked consumers are prepared to go beyond basic DDAs

In the digital age, a mobile device provides access to an ever-evolving stream of banking services by making it easy for people to use financial instruments to enhance their financial well-being.

NYC Restaurant Has A Solution For Remote Work ‘Laptop Squatters’

New York City’s Kindred restaurant and wine bar began renting its tables for $ 25 a day in September last year, which includes unlimited coffee refills, charging points, internet access, and use of the bathroom.

Robinhood SEC filing shows subscriber growth – and growing pains

Robinhood said it had 18 million net funded accounts on its platform, a significant increase from the 12.5 million seen in March last year.

Amazon is hoping Dash shelves can move the distance that Dash buttons weren’t

Amazon’s ongoing efforts to digitize consumer shopping have made their latest step forward with the introduction of the Dash Shelf, its newest gadget.



About the course: UK consumers see local shopping as key to supporting the economy and protecting the environment, but many local high street businesses struggle to get them on the door. In a new study, Making Loyalty Work For Small Businesses, PYMNTS surveyed 1,115 UK consumers to find out how offering personalized loyalty programs can help attract new high street shoppers.



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