Check out the Hannibal Wacky Medicine ad from 1896 that I found on Ebay


It’s no secret that Hannibal, Missouri, has a rich history. Being the home of Mark Twain is just one of the perks of living in an area so steeped in history. Based on something I just found on Ebay, you can add crazy medicines to this historic list.

Some things to consider: 1. This is not my listing and I have nothing to sell. 2. I don’t guarantee everything this seller says as ebay is always an exercise in deciding if you can trust a seller / buyer etc. but the listing claims it does a Hannibal Missouri Hunstock Headline Quack Medicine Ad from 1896 this is original and not a reprint.

Since Ebay deals keep coming and going, here’s a screenshot as it appears now so you know I didn’t make this up.

According to the listing, this was neatly cut from an 1896 magazine. Check out full size.

That’s what made me do it a fascinating article that Mary Lou Montgomery wrote about the Hunstock family and her time in Hannibal. One thing Mary Lou mentioned in her story is that one of Hunstock’s sons was lost in a cave in Hannibal around 1870 and that may have inspired the Tom Sawyer story as finally written / narrated by Mark Twain. If you love the story of Hannibal take the time to read Read the story of Mary Lou Montgomery. It’s great read.

As for the Ebay listing, if the seller is legitimate, just $ 17.99 (plus shipping) could get you a decent Hannibal story. As for the headache, I think I’ll stick with aspirin.

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