Cedar Rapids students get a second chance to pass the class


If you go back and look at my grades during high school, you will come across a few that I would like to have another chance at. There’s nothing worse than failing a class, and it gets worse if it could keep you from graduation. Fortunately, some Cedar Rapids High School students get a second chance to pass a class so they can graduate on time.

KCRG reports that a new nonprofit has called Empowering Iowa Youth is responsible for what is known as a credit recovery program with the support of the Cedar Rapids School District. The goal of the organization is to ensure that students graduate on time. Empowering Youths of Iowa director and founder Sarah Swayze told KCRG that nine out of ten children who don’t graduate with their class will not return to school.

The original plans were to start the new nonprofit in September, but instead it went online this month after the Cedar Rapids Community School District asked for help with their loan recovery program. Swayze said the program is very flexible and even works around a student summer work schedule.

Organization executives told KCRG that they are giving students the opportunity not only to pass the class, but also to look to their futures beyond high school. A Cedar Rapids Jefferson student who participated in the credit recovery program said she was inspired by her mother, who is a therapist. Now she knows that with some hard work, she too can achieve that goal.

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