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While there are no immediate consequences for New Delhi, the political emergency in the capitals of the Indian subcontinent has forced Foreign Ministry officials to work overtime.

How economic and political crises in the neighborhood affect India

  • Exclusive:ग्रोथ और मुनाफा दोनों हमारे लिए हैं अहम- फाल्ਯथय

  • Nifty 17900 के .ने

  • एए्पपायरी ेे ददन बाजार काूडूड खराब, Sensex 600 अंअंअंअंत टूटा, जानएए वजह?

  • PolicyBazaar-IPO refund: क्या आपआपोर भभ हहहं मिले और पैपैे भभ हहहं ौटौटौट जानएए क्या है मामला?

  • ववाब मलिक ेे दामाद ने ददववंद्र फडणवफडणवफडणवफडणव ोो भभजा 5 करोड़ रुपयुपय का माहहानि का ोटोटोटोटोटोट

  • Kafeel Khan: योगी सरकार ने गोरखपुर के BRD कॉलेज के डॉ. फफफल खान ोोोोा बर्खास्त, प्रयंयंयंा गांधंध ने बोबोा हहला

  • क्रपप्टो करंंंी पर आईरबबआई गवर्नर ीी चचताववी, हहा फाइइंशंशंशयय स्टटबबलटटट ेे लहहाज ेे हैरनाक

  • SBI या Post Office? जानएए आपआपो हहां नवववश करेे मिलगगा बबबे ज्यादा ब्याज- जानंं डडटटल्स

  • Nykaa IPO: फाल्गुगुी नायर ीीी मंं इजाफा, अरबपबपयोंयों ीी लिस्ट मंं हुईं शामिल

  • Yes Securities ने जोजोजोजोर Q2 नतजोंजों ेे बाद इइइइ स्टॉटॉ ीी घटाई रटटटंग, जानएए वजह?

  • MSCI इंडइंडइंडइंड्स मंंमंंमंंला बदबदाव का ऐऐान, जाने ौौौ ंपंपंपयंपंपंपयां होंगहोंग शामिल और ौौौ बाहर

  • Kangana Ranaut: जानंं, पद्म पुरस्कारों ेे दौरान क्यों करण जौहर ोो ढूंढ रहह थथं ंगंगंगा रौौौ?

  • E-GCA start: ज्योयोिराददत्य ंधंधंधयंधंधंधया ने ऑऑलाइइ प्लटफॉटफॉर्म e-gca यययया ॉॉॉ्च, मिलंगंगंग dgca ीी 298 सर्ववववजज

  • यूएयूए एफडएफडए ेे गा झटझटा, यय ययार्मा शशयर 4% टूटा, क्या है आपआपे पास?

  • ोोरोोा वायरस हहामारी ेे फैफैा 80 लाख टट प्लास्टटटट चचरा – रपोपोर्ट

Surname Price To change % change
NTPC 153.95 1.35 0.88
Sbi 517.70 4.85 0.95
nhpc 31.55 0.50 1.61
Indiabull’s ed 166.35 -0.75 -0.45




Which of these youngsters will score more runs at this IPL?


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  • New Covid19 cases in China have hit Asian markets.

    The rupee continues to trade lower at 75.95 as the dollar index retested the 100 level this morning, although it is struggling to recover ahead of this week’s US data, due tomorrow claim. You…

  • Metal prices rebounded on Friday after two days of decline, helped by tight supply, hopes for more…

    Metal prices rebounded on Friday after two days of decline, helped by tight supply, hopes of more Chinese stimulus and firmer oil prices. Supply of most metals is constrained, inventories are low, so we forecast prices for most…

  • A gap opening did not last; the Nifty closed lower for the third straight trading day; this…

    We will discuss TRADE SUMMARY where all the trades discussed in this letter are summarized in one place. BANK NIFTY had a bearish day today and closed below 37500. A tight trading range remained intact. Take trade towards…

  • Nifty ends on a positive note in a volatile week

    The 2021-2022 financial year has been an eventful year for the equity markets and various other asset classes. The Nifty delivered a decent ~19 percent return in FY22, rising from 14,690 to a high of 18,604, supported by loose monetary policy and a strong…

  • There has been much talk of the unsustainability of the trends at higher levels, but the positive joy that has been shown…

    Much has been said about the unsustainability of the trends at higher levels, but the positive cheer being shown by the markets suggests that the steady consolidation at higher levels suggests the trends would continue. After testing the 18200 zone in April…

IPO snapshot

Equity capital Type issue price problem size batch size edition open close output
There are no open issues.
Equity capital issue price listing date entry opened close listing Listing Profits % CMP Current Profits %
Eighties Jeweler 41 13-04 42.00 44.10 7.56 44.10 7.56
Hariom Whistle 153 13-04 214.00 224.70 46.86 224.70 46.86
Dhyaani tile 51 12-04 57.50 54.80 7.45 54.80 7.45
learn porch 137 11-04 171.00 160.40 08/17 171.30 04/25
To plan fund class The information order form open date Graduation Date
No NFO details available.
Equity capital Type issue price problem size batch size subscription edition open close output

Profile of the Dhyaani tile view

SME IPO 51 2.45 0 30-03 04-04

Hariom Pipe view profile

initial public offering 144 122.4 – 130.05 0 3.57 30-03 05-04

Jeena Sikho View profile

SME IPO 150 55.5 0 30-03 07-04

Eighty jeweler profile

SME IPO 41 11.07 0 31-03 05-04

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Ajay Jain


April 18 – 2:00 p.m

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