BigCommerce SEO Features and Tips for Ecommerce Success



The adoption of online shopping and e-commerce picked up a lot during the pandemic. Both online sales opportunities and competition are greater than ever.

And making sure you are using the best ecommerce platform for your business needs is a big consideration.

Whether you’re just starting out or have an established business and are considering switching platforms, BigCommerce has likely hit your radar.

It’s a popular option for traders looking for SEO-friendly features that are ready to go out of the box.

This column will tell you more about these BigCommerce SEO features and how you can make good use of the optimizations available.

You can also find more tips and resources on how to optimize your BigCommerce store.

Let us begin!

BigCommerce SEO features

BigCommerce is a leading eCommerce software platform that provides businesses large and small with everything they need to start and grow their online store.

It’s a robust platform with an easy-to-use interface, exceptional built-in features, and SEO capabilities.


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BigCommerce has built-in SEO features for your online store, including:

Optimized URLs: These are automatically filled with SEO-friendly URLs for product, category and other pages. The platform also gives you the option to change your URL settings.

Unique URLs: BigCommerce guarantees that every single page will only have one URL so that your online shop is not compromised by duplicate content.

Microdata: Microdata or “rich snippets” are automatically integrated into the product pages of your website to augment your search results with information such as reviews, prices, brand and stock levels.

301 redirects and URL rewrites: If you decide to rename one of your products, the auto-populated URL will be updated to reflect the product name change. The previous URL is redirected to the new URL. Automatic redirects and rewritings enable search engines to recognize that you have made changes or moved pages in your online shop.

CDN: There are several things you can do to increase the speed of your website, but BigCommerce’s unique content delivery network works constantly behind the scenes to make sure your website loads quickly for buyers and search engines alike!


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Using BigCommerce SEO Fields

Now let’s see how you do each SEO fields included in the BigCommerce platform and learn some best practices for each.

Url structure

URL structures can be customized for different products, websites and categories.

By default, the BigCommerce platform uses an SEO-friendly structure, but you can customize the formatting of the URL structure to suit your unique business needs.

In most cases, SEO Optimized (Short) is sufficient.

This helpful article explains that the URL structure should be easy to follow, easy to maintain, easy to monitor, and compatible with your CMS as well as your server.

BigCommerce can help with that.


As Loren Baker says, “Think of metadata as an advertisement for your content. Why should users click? What can you tell them Use the meta to drive clicks that drive traffic, which leads to more traffic. “

And according to BigCommerce, “It’s a good idea to add meta descriptions to every page in your store, including products, content pages, blog posts, category pages, and the home page.”

If you are targeting specific keywords, you will need to include them at the beginning of the description tag.

Note, however, that 70% of the time Google rewrites or creates its own meta descriptions. Often the meta description selected or created by Google contains content from the first sentences visible on the page.

Keep this in mind when creating your product descriptions.

Product and category description

Product and category descriptions can be found under the Product information Section when adding and / or editing a product on the BigCommerce platform.

Descriptive copies on these pages enable search engines to find terms for search results.

It’s an opportunity to use the target keyword in your content and share the compelling information and details that set your brand apart from the competition.

Check out these 13 tips for writing product descriptions that convert.


These are words and phrases in your page descriptions and metadata that are relevant to the content of a page and are an essential part of both your SEO and paid marketing campaigns.


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BigCommerce also includes this important SEO feature that will help you understand your keyword density (how many keywords you are using) and whether or not that density is a good or bad number for SEO success.

What BigCommerce can’t tell you is which keywords to use in the first place.

For that, you need a solid keyword research process. Maddy Osmans How To Do Keyword Research For Ecommerce Effectively is a great place to start.

BigCommerce SEO apps and integrations

BigCommerce can be natively integrated with big players like Google, Amazon, eBay and Walmart Channel Cloud.

These apps and integrations allow your ecommerce store to make a bigger impact around the world while opening up new channels for your company’s revenue stream.

This is important because 73% of buyers use multiple channels during their shopping journey.

These integrations allow you to expand your reach and market to a much larger audience.

More SEO Tips to Help Your BigCommerce Store Find Online

Link building

Left play a vital role in driving organic traffic to your ecommerce store through search engines, especially in highly competitive industries.


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When combined with strong technical SEO fundamentals, on-page SEO, content and user experience, link building can be effective in driving more organic traffic to your online store and improving your rankings.

Not only can our link building e-book help you learn effective link building strategies, but it can also show you how to be successful with the right strategy and goals.

Check out this article where Kevin Rowe shares his specific link building tactics for ecommerce stores as well.

Social media advertising

When you combine SEO strategies with your social media marketing plan, you can increase engagement and bring new traffic to your business.

It is important that you are authentic and socially involved. Avoid being overtly sales-focused, but don’t be afraid to share offers that add real value to your audience.

Learn more in 11 Social Media Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce Websites.

Content Marketing

Content marketing can be an incredibly effective way to increase your search visibility and improve findability.


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However, if you create and optimize your content on the wrong topics, you will lose revenue.

Check out these great examples of the types of creative content that can appeal to ecommerce brands.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a necessity as it enables search engines like Google to see that you have a high customer value website.

Strong technical SEO can push search engines to rank your website higher than the competition and also help improve your customers’ experience.

The good thing about using a platform like BigCommerce is that your team is careful to keep the platform as a whole technically flawless so you don’t have as many technical concerns as you would with your own build.

Bring away

If you are looking for a reliable ecommerce software solution, BigCommerce is worth checking out in the end.

It has everything you need to manage your new or existing online shop. As a bonus, BigCommerce goes a step further to bring you its SEO capabilities and the extra support and information made available in its knowledge base.


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