Author Tito Eberendu’s new book, Star Soul Strength, is a dynamic science fiction novel about a young alien boy who brings his planet’s existence to a standstill


Tito Eberendu, a teenager from Lagos, Nigeria, has completed his new book, Star Soul Strength: a mysterious and intriguing novel about a young non-human boy trying to discover his true nature. It takes a few people to meet, visions to see, being attracted to, training under a different spirit, traveling through different versions of reality, battling a crystal-encrusted brute, and then a little more to discover.

Author Tito Eberendu was born in Maryland, USA at Prince George Hospital. He attends the British International School, where he is currently in Year 10. He prepares for IGCSE by choosing Biology, Physics, Psychology, Chemistry, ICT, Music, Additional Mathematics and the compulsory subjects Mathematics and English. He enjoys doing many sports, playing computer games, solving math problems and doing sports.

Tito writes: “The two charge each other, colliding energies. This creates an impact so strong that it rips the entire planet apart, creating a shockwave that hurls Kajay off the planet at incredible speed, knocking him onto another planet. He looks back at the planet and cries out for his mother, who may have been wiped out, but he’s trying to convince himself that she was too strong not to have survived.”

He continues: “This planet was called Derra, home of the Draekon species. You were not born with the overwhelming strength just seen, but with a body that is highly resilient to stress. This meant they could do exercises that sound impossible, like thousands of push-ups or sit-ups, allowing them to escalate in strength quickly and efficiently.”

Tito Eberendu’s creative story, published by Page Publishing, follows the little boy’s journey of self-discovery that finally brings him peace – for now.

Readers who wish to experience this original work can do so to buy “Star Soul Strength” in bookstores everywhere or online in the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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