Author Robert LoDolce’s new book, The Praying Atheist, offers readers a thought-provoking perspective on life and challenges societal norms


Robert LoDolce, raised in Long Island, New York, has completed his new book, The Praying Atheist: a compelling and powerful work that sheds light on the author’s obsessive passion for a state of enlightenment and a deeper truth about life discover. along with his battle with addiction and the mental turmoil that followed.

Presenting his work, author Robert LoDolce writes, “In a way, this book was just something I needed to get rid of. Maybe it was like a chip on my shoulder that I couldn’t knock off, so I just wrote about it. As it turns out, writing is actually easier for me than I thought because I can revise it, edit it, or just delete it. On the other hand, writing is like a painting as I cling to it as it is. In a way I write like I used to paint. I would make a mess on a canvas and then try to fix it until I liked what I saw. Most of my art projects ended up in the trash, as did this book almost.”

He goes on to explain how the book evolved during his writing process, sharing, “This book was originally intended to be a comical account of my quest for enlightenment. However, as I began to write, I realized that my search was far from over. As a result, the writing of this book spanned several years and was written and rewritten many times. In my search I looked to religion, psychology, science,

and philosophy for answers to life’s deeper questions. Looking back, I realized that writing everything down was my attempt to figure everything out. Of course I never found out, but not for lack of trying.”

Robert LoDolce’s insightful work, published by Page Publishing, allows readers to see the world from the author’s unique perspective and reveals how his personal experiences have shaped his beliefs.

Readers who wish to experience this interesting work can do so to buy “The Praying Atheist” in bookstores everywhere or online in the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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