Author Kathy DuBois’ new book, Written Scars, is a collection of significant poems that together tell the story of how the author became the person she is today


Newman Springs Publishing author Kathy DuBois’ recent publication, Written Scars, is a compelling collection of poems that reveal the struggles the author faces when it comes to the relationships in her life while dealing with anxiety will be finished.

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Aug 22, 2022 6:00 am EDT

PEMBROKE, Ky., Aug. 22, 2022 ( —
Kathy DuBois, who is studying journalism and creative writing, has completed her new book Written Scars: a gripping and powerful collection of poems presented to readers at their rawest, containing a mix of different emotions which in turn have given that Writer the courage to share her work and express themselves in the hope that someone else can find the inspiration to express themselves as well.

Author Kathy DuBois has written most of her life, if not always for fun.

Ms. DuBois began writing to communicate when she was younger as she had difficulty speaking due to a speech impediment. Over the years, writing has become more than a simple form of communication; it became a source of entertainment and excitement for them. It was a way to connect with others, create unique worlds or express difficult feelings about everyday life. In the future, Ms. DuBois plans to expand into a series of fictional novels and continue her poetic works.

Kathy DuBois’ insightful collection includes poems such as The City of Lights, Perfect Reality (Dream-Filled Wish), Eventually, With Hope, Nighttime Reminders, Where I Am From…The Southern Side, and much more.

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Kathy DuBois’ powerful poetry was written to show readers that they can conquer fear, anxiety and all kinds of emotions by putting them into words.

Readers who wish to experience this inspiring work can do so to buy “Written Scars” in bookstores everywhere or online in the Apple iBooks Store, at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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