Artist relaunches his books in a shop in Berwick


James Alexander Gaffney moved to Buckton Farm between Belford and Fenwick six years ago and in 2020 opened his JAGART82 store in Kathleen Givens Granny’s Keepsakes and Accessories Shop at Ramparts Business Park in Berwick.

He has since started the Getting Berwick Back initiative with others, which includes rubbish collection and art classes, and he also now has a studio in the Berwick Workspace.

James has also written and illustrated a number of children’s books – Love Autumn at Buckton Farm and The Tear Thief.

James Alexander Gaffney in his workshop at Berwick Workspace.

They will be reissued at the Slightly Foxed bookshop in Berwick on Saturday 3rd September.

James said: “Both books are primarily set in Berwick and are based on my journey so far and people I’ve met.

“Love Autumn at Buckton Farm with Mousey Mousey (my character) is the first book. The Tear Thief is the second part and I dedicated it to three kids I met along the way.

“I just wanted to give them a chapter, but I ended up making the book about them. They didn’t have the best start in life, so now they have an amazing adventure with the tear thief and the gang.

“I’m grateful to Claire Morton and Lisa Hobman of Slightly Foxed for this opportunity. Between 11am and 2pm we will be giving away some goodies, along with book signings and photo opportunities.

“I also sell my art at Northern View in Spittal, with 30 percent of profits going to the Stargazer fund, which was set up in memory of previous owner Haley.”


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