A book about the ebb and flow of the Lifespan water boss


At a recent book launch in Kingston, Lifespan Spring Water Co CEO Nayana Williams revealed the title of her first book: The Lifespan Movement: Progress. Purpose. luck.

The time for the start was deliberately chosen, it was on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2022 (March 8), which was celebrated under the motto “Break the Bias”.

Williams’ book chronicles her journey to finding meaning, happiness and financial freedom through a moving and empowering account of one woman’s personal progress.

The Lifespan Movement: Progress. Purpose. Happiness on display. (Photo: Post)

The three-part work essentially captures Williams’ lifespan movement, from her early years as a child through the development of the company.

She shares failures, choices, and breakthroughs as she shares numerous stories, all of which have helped make her the business leader she is today.

The book charts Williams’ personal achievements and career developments intertwined with family life – making it insightful and motivating read.

Topics such as courage and perseverance, family life and career success are highlighted throughout.

The Lifespan Movement: Progress. Purpose. luck

“I felt it was important to tell my story because many people can tell, especially women. It’s not about achieving perfection, it’s about the choices we make after an experience as that plays a significant role in who we become as individuals,” Williams said.

Lifespan has impacted many lives today, especially those who work in the industry.

Your employees are not only seen as helpers in day-to-day business, but seen and treated as family.

Williams has also managed to lead the company to great achievements, including winning Monde Selection’s Grand Gold Quality Award multiple times.

Jamaican-born CEO Williams continues to lead her company, striving for success but remaining under multiple female bosses in a male-dominated industry.

The Lifespan Movement: Progress. Purpose. luck written by Nayana Williams is currently available on Amazon books as well as iTunes and Barnes and Nobles on-line.

The local Kingston Bookshop has the book for sale, and you can learn more about Williams and her book at www.nayanawilliams.com


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