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Whether you are already a Kindle user or just enjoy reading, you probably know the huge range of e-books from Amazon in the Kindle store. For avid readers, however, Amazon does offer a service called Kindle Unlimited, which gives subscribers unlimited access to Kindle’s full e-book catalog, as well as a few other perks like audiobooks and magazine subscriptions.

The service usually costs $ 10 per month, but Amazon is running a special promotion for Prime Day 2021. The offer includes a four-month free trial for new members.

Kindle Unlimited Prime Day 2021 offer

As part of a limited-time Prime Day offer, new subscribers can get Kindle Unlimited free for four months. After four months, the subscription automatically renews to $ 10 per month.

Otherwise, if you were spending around $ 15 per week on books, this service could save you $ 50 per month in the long run (minus the usual $ 10 monthly fee).

Note: You don’t have to be an Amazon Prime member to sign up for Kindle Unlimited – it’s a different Amazon service.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

An Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription gives users access to over a million e-books as well as unlimited access to audiobooks and up to three magazine subscriptions. You can read to your heart’s content, whether you want to stock up on beach reads, immerse yourself in thrillers or true crime stories, get hold of the latest releases, or prepare audio books for an upcoming trip.

Kindle Unlimited Benefits

Kindle Unlimited works like a digital library, but unlike real digital libraries, you don’t have to wait weeks to access brand new versions. You can also keep up to 10 e-books / audiobooks at the same time and have no due dates.

Another big plus is that you don’t necessarily need a Kindle e-reader to use the Kindle Unlimited service. You can enjoy Kindle e-books on other devices, including your tablet, smartphone, or even your computer.

Is Kindle Unlimited worth it?

If you’re flipping through books pretty quickly and have the idea of ​​reading them on a Kindle or digital device, Kindle Unlimited may be worth a try, especially if you want access to brand new books (and don’t see a need). you will probably only read it once if you buy it).

You can also cancel your subscription at any time. So if after four months you decide that Kindle Unlimited is not for you, you won’t have to pay anymore (just remember to cancel before auto-renewal).

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